My Sambandh: Providing The Right Guidance From The First Meeting Till Engagement

It’s fascinating how the concept of fixing an arranged marriage has shifted hands from close & distant relatives to agents & brokers to astrologers & pundits to newspaper classifieds and finally matrimonial websites. The matrimonial sites too have upgraded considerably in their brief timeframe. The new revolutions like matchmaking algorithms, verified accounts, and customized service have pushed the reliability factor and turned it into a profit making machine worth $318 million.

However, statistically, the success rate of matrimonial sites is as low as 15-20 percent only. It is because for arranged marriages, match loving determines fate, not match making. Matrimonial sites may assist till introducing a person. But the rest is left on two hesitant individuals having no clue about, what’s next? This is where My Sambandh is creating a difference.

According to Geeta Patel, Founder, My Sambandh, “We’re specialized in assisted service and we do matchmaking for the prospects from seven aspects Physical, Social, Emotional, Mental, Educational, Financial, and Spiritual. That helps prospects blend well. My Sambandh believes in result oriented match making, and our success ratio is almost 56 percent with more than 1000 success stories. Our strategy is simple as to how we can ensure the right way of bringing the soul mates together and how to give the right guidance and decorum from their first meeting till engagement. We’ve thousands of micro activities lined up at the back end in our process, which leads to the success ratio. Right now, My Sambandh has 75+ employees and has its presence in India, US, UK, Canada and Australia"

The Rendezvous
For the first time in India, My Sambandh has offered a 'Pehli Mulaqat' session for prospects. The session is led by an Image Expert, who advises and trains them on proper first meeting manners. Basic etiquettes, hygiene etiquettes, dressing, magical phrases, conversation starters, and what to ask and what not to ask, which are only a few of the many topics that are specifically addressed.

My Sambandh guides the prospects with every aspect that is needed. The company has dedicated counsellors who guide the prospects from making an effective profile and assisting them with complimentary grooming sessions. The company also counsels the parents so that prospects feels free, approachable and humble, which helps the couples open up well and form a bond with a good vibe.

We’re specialized in assisted service and we do match making for the prospects from seven aspects physical, social, emotional, mental, educational, financial, and spiritual

Dedicated Service At Affordable Cost
My Sambandh Experts Team checks he background and the reference of each profile. The firm has also mandated Aadhar Card for paid membership, and to prevent fake or inappropriate profiles from registration, the company also performs a dedicated manual scan.

Right now, the firm is offering four plans Essential, Premium, Elite, and Till-U-Marry; where a dedicated personal relationship manager is assigned to assist the prospects. Additionally, for the convenience of its clients the firm has also developed a dedicated android mobile based app.

As per Geeta, “The other matrimonial sites charge roughly Rs.80000 per annum; we charge only Rs. 14,900 per annum. Our approach is personal and professional as these kinds of relationships are very sensitive, and we need to pay personal attention. Hence, we give a very less number of prospects to each relationship manager for better search”.

My Sambandh is also serving a noble cause by offering match making service for under privileged, disabled, and defence personnel without any cost. Arranged marriage is part of our tradition and culture and will continue to be the same. Visionaries like My Sambandh are not only making matches but doing it right.