• Aarogyamantra: Providing Integrated Systems of Alternative Healing for Complete Lifestyle Correction
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    Aarogyamantra: Providing Integrated Systems of Alternative Healing for Complete Lifestyle Correction

    Various states in India hold a century old legacy of mothering several forms of alternative therapies and natural treatments that (although not mainstream) holds a prominent position in the area of complementary healing. In stating so, Kerala is one such state that tops the list with several alluded associations to its bountiful nature blessed environment. Exploiting those rich natural essences and citing treatments based on its time honoured methods of healing, Kottayam based and family run Aarogyamantra was incepted in 1976 then known as Mahatma Gandhi Nature Cure & Yoga Centre. The latter was founded by a couple, Dr. Aleyamma Punnoose (Clincal Director) and NT Punnoose, which was later succeeded by their son Prince Punnoose (Founder & Chairman) who gave it a new identity, yet...

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