Aarogyamantra: Providing Integrated Systems of Alternative Healing for Complete Lifestyle Correction

Prince Punnoose,   Founder & Chairman

Prince Punnoose

Founder & Chairman

Various states in India hold a century old legacy of mothering several forms of alternative therapies and natural treatments that (although not mainstream) holds a prominent position in the area of complementary healing. In stating so, Kerala is one such state that tops the list with several alluded associations to its bountiful nature blessed environment. Exploiting those rich natural essences and citing treatments based on its time honoured methods of healing, Kottayam based and family run Aarogyamantra was incepted in 1976 then known as Mahatma Gandhi Nature Cure & Yoga Centre. The latter was founded by a couple, Dr. Aleyamma Punnoose (Clincal Director) and NT Punnoose, which was later succeeded by their son Prince Punnoose (Founder & Chairman) who gave it a new identity, yet retaining its indigenous purpose. Striking an integrated system of Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Yoga, the centre lives by its name that is attributed to providing the ‘Sacred message of Health’ (Aarogyamantra).

Aiming to provide a complete

The integration of these alternative systems of medicines and treatments helps us to get results with minimal interventions

lifestyle correction, Aarogyamantra deems food habits most important and thus begins with taste filled therapeutic diets that accompany personalized yoga therapies for its clients. Priding in these rapt methods, the centre assures that its integrated treatments take into account the state of mind, emotions, physical body, lifestyle and goals, rather than just physical symptoms. Dr.Vinitha Viyyath,Ayurveda Physician, Aarogyamantra, states, “The integration of these alternative systems of medicines and treatments helps us to get results with minimal interventions.” By applying appropriate treatment and education, clients can restore balance, harmony and achieve personal goals for a healthier way of living. Besides these ingenious offerings, the centre specializes in acupressure and acupuncture treatments as well,also serving exclusive traditional skin-care therapy under an integrated treatment for improved skin health.

All for Holistic Well being
Some of the various other therapies that can be availed by clients are hydrotherapy, mudtherapy, fasting therapy, holistic physiotherapy and many others. Housing four professionally trained and certified experts
amassing over 10 years of experience, the therapists are well skilled in these therapeutic treatments and spa massages as well providing each client exclusive tailor made treatments. Not just expert based solutions but also achieves a personal connect with each client who is warmly welcomed for a guaranteed revitalized experience. The clients are left to relax in an amicable abode that includes a two storied building that accommodate five luxury double a/c rooms, a wide yoga hall, vegan kitchen & restaurant and comfort oriented hygienic therapy rooms. A side this a well maintained indoor swimming pool and an alluring backyard add to its serene appearance and splendid aura.

Within this nature blended surroundings, clients can also enjoy relaxation in well facilitated water therapy tubs, massage beds and steam/sauna rooms that are thoroughly maintained for cleanliness. Whether treatment or food, every facility proffered by the centre is well researched upon and executed in order to provide standardized quality of healing. Earning to its repute the efficiency in treating obesity, arthritis & spondylos is cases (patients had improved their range of motion), Aarogyamantra succeeds in providing a holistic well being centrally aimed to achieve heightened sense of peace and happiness about oneself and things around. In view of furthering this ambit, Aarogyamantra seeks to boost its 15 percent (current) revenue growth to a 25 percent growth within the approaching financial year.