SanketLife: India's Smallest, Affordable & Indstant 12-Lead ECG Devices

Neha Rastogi & Rahul Rastogi,  Co-FoundersTime and again, multiple research studies and reports have portrayed an alarming rise in the prevalence of heart diseases and heart stroke in India. In fact, both these diseases have stood as the major reason behind many deaths in India and most importantly, the biggest cause of disease burden. But the most pressing problem is that people aren't able to differentiate between a serious heart condition and a mere gastric pain right on time, before the heart trouble turns out to be fatal. The Indian market has presented us with a spectrum of single lead ECG devices, and other heart rate monitors along with the conventional digital ECG machine, all of which are not easily affordable. And there is no single device that patients can use at home to diagnose the heart trouble at an early stage, and deliver the complete 12-Lead ECG on time and conveniently to patients without having to visit the doctor.

Bridging this large gap in the market is SanketLife (a product from Agatsa),India's smallest, affordable, and only 12-Lead ECG device in the size of a keychain. This user friendly device delivers the complete 12-Lead ECG report just by touching its sensors and most importantly,without the involvement of any lead or gel on the body. SanketLife is an IoT based platform containing three sensors. The user needs to place two of these sensors at six-eight points on the chest in order to obtain the complete 12-Lead ECG. Connected to smartphones via Bluetooth, SanketLife lets the patients to transfer the generated ECG reports directly over email to their doctors or even upload it to the cloud for future references. The device's prototype was created in the year 2014 while its updated versions were unveiled in 2016 and 2018, post multiple iterations and improvisations of circuit as well as device's casing. Moreover, being duly certified, tested and validated by all Indian cardiac institutions like CDSA, CE and AIIMS, adds to its credibility in the market.

Such ease-of-use and perfect report generation have not only fascinated individuals, but also doctors to bank on the product for their clinics, home business, and remote camps, to name a few, and even recommend to their patients. Since the device can be operated when the patient is in a sitting position, doctors are able to screen their patients right across their consultation rooms without the need for any high end equipment or a dedicated person to conduct
the ECG. Currently, SanketLife is available PAN India across all renowned e-Commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal, along with its own website.

The biggest challenge faced by SanketLife's Co-Founders and husband wife duo Rahul & Neha Rastogi was that most people didn't vest faith in their compact device and believe it to be better than the traditional ECG device. But the product being built post essential medical validations, comparisons and trials in accordance with the traditional ECG machine proves that it is good in every possible way. However, educating people to adapt a lifestyle change before a symptom becomes illness was the major bottleneck as they preferred doing ECG only when their doctor recommended or prescribed them. But the duo took a very practical route to first let doctors use SanketLife and validate its credibility, and then refer it to their patients. No wonder, with the results that SanketLife shows, today almost 60 percent doctors and 40 percent individuals use SanketLife on a regular basis.

How SanketLife was Born?
There is no denying that India is the world capital of heart diseases; and the world was in much need for a product like SanketLife. The story of SanketLife's birth is also as real as it could be. Back in 2013, Rahul's father suffered from regular chest pain, which they confused to be due to gastric issues. But when it turned fatal and doctor diagnosed him with heart condition wherein all his arteries were blocked, the couple searched for a handy device to keep a continuous check on the heart condition at home. "The dearth of a complete 12-Lead ECG device that could detect heart conditions was grave and global. This is how the idea of SanketLife was seeded," asserts the duo.

Post applying a spectrum of strategies, techniques, and insights on marketing across their product idea, the couple decided to expand their team with young talents. They were also extensively guided by a dedicated medical advisory board entailing Dr. K.K. Agarwal (India) and Dr. Bobby Khan, Dr. David Delurgio & Dr. Anbu Pandiyan(U.S.). Under this abled leadership and young Turks, SanketLife was created as the simplest, compact and handy ECG machine, which is why in a short span of time, the company has successfully sold around 800 devices.

Some of the recently launched products of Agatsa include an exclusive, upgraded product for bedridden patients, a lead based device where in a small detachable lead can be attached between the device and the patient, and a patch that can continuously monitor the patient's heart and record ECG even when he/she is moving. Besides, ECG, SpO2 monitor, and other essential monitors have been integrated into one device. The aforementioned products have been appreciated and used greatly by Agatsa's customers through multiple pre bookings. In fact, customers can avail huge, attractive discounts by prebooking the device of their choice besides savouring its advantages.

Neha and Rahul are planning to procure European CE, FDA and other accreditations for SanketLife this year while expecting to continue the growth curves even for their yet to be launched products.

Key Management
Neha Rastogi & Rahul Rastogi, Co-Founders
Neha and Rahul outclass as the masterminds behind sanketlife, a device that can continuously monitor the heart's condition and detect any unusual behaviour way before it turns out to be fatal.

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