• Balcal Nutrefy: A Holistic Corporate Wellness Provider
  • Balcal Nutrefy: A Holistic Corporate Wellness Provider

    Indians are falling prey to lifestyle-related ailments faster than ever before. The sticky-habit of consuming junk food in the name of `stress-eating' is adding to the growing waistline. The affluent sections of the society are at an even higher risk due to the sedentary lifestyle, inadequate exercise, higher stress levels and ever-increasing share of packaged food in their diet.Dt. Pradnya Padhye (Founder & Chief Nutritionist, Balcal Nutrefy) in her 16 years of professional experience of helping people `stay healthy the right way', observed a significant trend-shift towards personalized care in the wellness industry. She believes there is no one diet plan which applies to all. With Balcal Nutrefy, she started providing smart wellness plans for healthy living in the most effortless way.

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