Studie'o7most Trusted Salon & Spa Brand In The Indian Franchise Industry

Rajesh Kumar K, Managing DirectorThe salon industry in India has been witnessing great strides with the emergence in new techniques, colours and products. Besides, the never-ending requirement of humans to always look groomed and neat is further escalating this industry to newer heights. In tandem with this fast-paced growth, the salon & spa franchising market is also thriving by offering a permanent income flow to every potential individual with genuine interests.

Today, the salon & spa franchisors are bestowing their franchisees with extensive support in marketing, advertisement, training, and many other aspects, thus helping their business dreams to come to fruition. Outclassing as the go-to & most trusted brand in the salon & spa franchise industry of South India is Studie'o7, a one-of-its-kind luxury salon with 20+ branches. Being built on the pillars ­ customers, culture & values, the salon ensures to offer unparalleled quality across all its franchises as its foremost priority.

Rajesh Kumar K, Managing Director, Studie'o7, articulates, "We offer all-round guidance and support to enable franchisees to setup, secure and automate their business". Studie'o7 stands as a one-stop-shop for all its franchisees' requirements ­ right from application process, site
selection, staff training to marketing & sales support. At prices ranging from Rs.24-60 lakh, franchisees can choose either a Studie'o7 franchise or luxury signature lounge. While all franchise units have standard interior decorations and set of world-renowned & certified salon products, prerequisite room details and measurements are duly provided to each franchisee. Speaking of staff training, extensive service skill training is rigorously offered to every stylist that joins the salon along with `Step-by-step Services & Technical Procedures' guide to keep-up the quality standards. Further, franchisees are bestowed with Studie'o7 salon marketing program tools and seasonal updates for their promotional activities across commercial television ads, radio slots and other media channels.

Being built on the pillars ­ customers, culture & values, Studie'o7 ensures to offer unparalleled quality across all its franchises as its foremost priority

On the other hand, customers can firstly view the range of services of Studie'o7 ­ Hair Care, Skin Care, Body Care/Spa, Body Waxing, and Manicures & Pedicures via a user-friendly application even before walking-in. Standing second to none in the beauty industry, the company presents these services to customers with a holistic approach to create a heavenly feel for each one of them. To further exceed customers' expectations, Studie'o7 constantly upgrades its skills and techniques on par with the unfolding trends & advancements in the industry. Currently it has over five projects in its pipeline, which includes one-of-its-kind luxury experiences, a women's exclusive variation, and a salon mobile application.

So far, Studie'o7 has experienced a phenomenal growth in its revenue since its inception in 2018 due to the increasing profitability of its projects, huge positive responses from the public, and an adept team of 200 experts. Rajesh adds, "We are extremely proud to have bagged the `Best Skin & Beauty Salon in Tamil Nadu' at India Excellence Awards 2019". Expecting an even brighter financial future, the company aims at expanding further in the coming years and satiating the Indian customers with world-class salon & spa experiences.