• Healthcare Centres & Services Providers of the Year - 2019
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    Healthcare Centres & Services Providers of the Year - 2019

    Turning pages to the next decade, the healthcare realm continues its multifaceted growth, evolution in technology being the single largest driver of the sector. From more Electronic Health Records to Surgical Robotics & Smart medical devices and from Point-of-care doorstep diagnostics to the increasing finesse of Clinical research and trials, this growth is lucid across the stakeholder ecosystem. Amidst this constant evolution, the market is skyrocketing, offering a huge amount of opportunity.


Time to Walk the Talk

Anamika Sahu, Managing Editor

Real - Time Monitoring Through 3d Navigation, Making Spinal Surgeries Easier

Dr. Arvind G Kulkarni, Head - Mumbai Spine Scoliosis & Disc Replacement Centre, Bombay Hospital, Mumbai

Beware Of The Symptoms Of Spinal TB

Dr. Satnam Singh Chhabra, Head Neuro & Spine Department, Sir Gangaram Hospital

Renal Disorders In Women: Causes & Preventions

Dr. Sudeep Singh Sachdev, Nephrologist, Narayana Super Speciality

Sudden Loss Of Vision Can Indicate Onset Of Stroke

Dr. Jaideep Bansal, HOD & Consultant - Neurology, Saroj Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi

Diabetic Charcot Foot

Pradeep Moonot, Orthopaedic & Podiatric Surgeon (Foot & Ankle), Mumbai Knee Foot Ankle Clinic, Mumbai

Thyroid Functioning - A Key To Determining Pregnancy In Women

Dr. Nupur Gupta, Gynecologist & Director, Well Woman Clinic, Gurugram

Making Motherhood Possible Through New IUI Method

Dr. Geeta Shroff, Director, Nutech Mediworld, New Delhi

Role Of Mobile APP In Healthcare Industry

Girish Babu, CEO, Gleneagles Global Hospital, Hyderabad