The Ray Of Hope

The data related to pandemic shows that the earth has faced one every century. We can imagine how the world would have come to a halt and the healthcare ecosystem were left shattered. But when we were hit by coronavirus, we had technology to our rescue. While surely the medical centres were not open for the general patients, the doctors and other healthcare professionals made themselves available using technology. Mobile apps played an important role in keeping the sector operational and the patient connected with the doctors.

Right from booking appointment & tests to ordering medicines online, mobile apps played an important role in streamlining the healthcare arena while bridging the gap to a larger extent. Its importance was more felt in the rural areas that usually face the dearth of healthcare professionals. Sure the vision of out Prime Minister's Digital India has shown positive impact during these unprecedented times. However, we have a long way to go. Till the country has a strong internet connection with better broadband facilities and stronger connectivity, it is difficult to achieve the purpose of ensuring healthcare are for all.

Till then, it lies on the shoulders of our tech-experts who can leverage their know-how to build such apps that can run uninterrupted in any digital environment. We are grateful to the doctors who have made contribution beyond their call of duty and went all-in-all to fulfill what they promised when taking oath post completing their degree. We also thank the tech industry who created this seamless way of reaching to the doctors at the ease of one's home.

Saluting some such healthcare apps is our current edition of siliconindia Healthcare Magazine's `10 Most Promising Healthcare Mobile Apps ­ 2020'. We have handpicked some of the companies and have brought to you their story. Read to know more about them.

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