LIMS: A Field So Vast

From the past few years, there has been an explosive rise in the number of samples generated for research and analysis purposes, due to the rising number of life-threatening diseases. Similarly, a significant rise in the focus on the high quality of samples and efficient management of the same have become great points of concern. This rise in the sample is pushing the researchers toward cost pressure, managing regulatory issues, storage issues, and so on. For the sake of better management of these samples, biobanks are continuously taking efforts. The LIMS helps the biobanks in the management and tracking of the samples that are generated within the framework of clinical trials, cohort projects, various biological studies, genomic studies and specific protocols. In addition, the LIMS also plays a key role in advancing the discoveries with the provision of concerned biospecimens to the end users, such as hospitals and clinics. However, factors such as the cost associated with the implementation of a laboratory information management system, among others, may hinder the market growth.

Laboratory informatics is the specialized branch of information technology for the optimization of laboratory operations. It is fastest growing application in lab related technology. There are various types of laboratory informatics are available in the market place including laboratory information management systems, electronic lab notebooks, scientific data management systems, laboratory execution systems, electronic data capture & clinical data management systems, chromatography data systems, and enterprise content management.

In addition, LIMS system helps in increasing productivity, data integrity & quality and eliminating transcription errors in laboratories. The aforementioned factors are anticipated to drive the market growth over the forecast period.

Software solutions for laboratory informatics is expected to show the fastest growth owing to technological evolution in laboratory informatics coupled with its surging incorporation amongst industry players. This edition presents a list of the top 10 Most Promising LIMS Solution Providers 2020. Hoping these providers span a wide range of use cases to address every unique challenge, we expect you write to us for more types of challenges unaddressed.

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