Staying Healthy, Ensure Longevity for Life

"A Healthy Outside Starts From the Inside!" Robert Urich Quite discerning it is, for one, and all. When it comes to living healthy, our diet & nutrition intake has a major say in this. Diet doesn't only affect one's physical health but significantly impacts one's mental health as well.

We all want to have the most of this beautiful and rich life, staying healthy and strong for life, free from disease and chronic illness. Especially since many lives faced a major downturn with COVID-19 prevalence, the spotlight on diet & nutrition seems fixated. But, as much as we want to enhance or revamp our eating habits making good food choices, it gets hard to stick with a balanced diet ideation of food, while keeping away from the appetizing, multitude of less virtuous food options present around at all hours.

Many of us are even finding ourselves under increasingly growing pressure than ever, noting our weight numbers. Conclusively, some have given in to the fad diets, while some have plunged into unhealthy eating patterns. In 2021, the Indian dietary supplements market was around Rs.376.3 billion. It is projected to grow by 14 percent through 2027 to Rs.847.9 billion. But diet & nutrition still has its own importance.

Working at the crux of this matter, there are many Diet and Nutrition Consultants emerging in India, just providing what is needed at the hour to compliment the growing populace's diet & nutrition related concern. This edition of ours brings to you some of the most acknowledgeable Diet and Nutrition Consultants over hauling and leveraging their well-researched knowledge for informed Diet and Nutrition Consulting services.
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