• Mitha Aahara: Specialized in Subject Specific Nutrition Approaches
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    Mitha Aahara: Specialized in Subject Specific Nutrition Approaches

    The global nutrition consulting services market is expected to be valued at $ 7.6 billion in 2022 and rise at a constant CAGR to reach $ 10.8 billion by the end of 2032 according to industry reports. When it comes to a country like India, there has been considerable growth in this Industry owing to an increased demand for wellness services post COVID with the growing urbanization of the country. However, amidst the huge number of service providers in the country, it is very troublesome to find out the best nutrition consultant. This is why experience in this field becomes one of the vital elements for growth and sustainability in this industry. That is exactly what Mitha Aahara is in the market to offer. It is an online and offline nutrition consultation platform that caters to both...


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