IT Sector: As eHealth Care

Dipankar Ghosh, Manager - IT, Rainbow Children's Medicare Headquartered in Hyderabad, Rainbow Children's Hospital is one of India's leading children’s healthcare providers specializing in Children's Health, Women's Health, Fertility Care, and many more.

When we talk about healthcare systems with IT, then it faces a major challenge with medicines management and medication adherence.Medication done correctly determines medication productiveness and can be the single-most effective intervention for improving health outcomes. In anticipation of growth in eHealth interventions worldwide, we explore the role of eHealth in the patients’ medicines management journey in primary care, focusing on personalization and intelligent monitoring for greater outcome.

eHealth offers opportunities to transform every step of the patient’s medicines management journey. From booking online appointments or consultation with a healthcare professional, decision-making, medication dispensing,career support, information acquisition and monitoring, to learning about medicines and their management in daily life. It has the potential to support personalization and monitoring and thus lead to better adherence. For some of these dimensions, such as supporting decision-making and providing reminders and prompts, evidence is stronger, but for many others more rigorous research is urgently needed.

The computers are not only designed for patient data capturing, but it also emphasis the correct medication and the treatment. The machine required the maintenance for the good functioning. This can track the records in proper and sequential manner. Hospital information system links all these sort of things from day-to-day life. Electronic Medical Record is one of the emerging technology for this field.

•The use of mobile phones and communication devices to educate consumers about preventive healthcare services.
•eHealth on the other hand, is the healthcare practice supported by electronic processes.
•It is a software & services that manage, transmit, store or record information.
•It is used in the delivery of healthcare treatment, payment or record keeping.
•Typically, eHealth applications use the internet to transmit and store patient data either for a provider or payer.
To take-up digital India initiate ahead, MoHFW (Ministry of Health & Family Welfare) has started various e-Gov initiatives in Healthcare sectors in India,the division is named as eHealth division. eHealth is broadly defined as the use of Information and Communication Technology(ICT) in health. It will make a world of difference in India, where mobile technologies have been penetrating at rapid rate. As India has a strong presence in IT, the integrated health information system serves the needs of all stakeholders, by contributing approximately eight percent to the GDP. The main moto of developing the eHealth leads to quality development in the path of health partners which helps in ‘Everlasting setup of technology enabled devices with backups facility and 99.9 percent availability is the only moto to achieve’.

" As India has a strong presence in IT, the integrated health information system serves the needs of all stakeholders,by contributing approximately eight percent tothe GDP "

Major Challenge & Outcome
During the setup of any healthcare sector with the Information Technology enabled mechanism faces many challenges. The most important challenge is the end user or the healthcare domain workers like consultants, management team, or financial governing bodies into the healthcare domain. The e-healthcare application designed for the healthcare system has many introduced features. Also a lot of aspects are inbuilt into it. The applications or hardware’s prospective thinking by the healthcare domain experts does a lot of analysis on implementing them. Then the same gets more normalized with their added and discovered ideas and experience. The product then leads to more advanced and optimized in term of their thoughts/ideas.

This is the major challenge or confrontation within go live for the new projects, and there is also the cumbersome and shortage of outcome or delivery of the product. The delay in the delivery of the product our Hospital Management application comes across lots of upgradations and amendments. The product which were already been running in the ongoing healthcare industry were meant for their best outcome. But the new industry growth makes them more optimized which at the end gives fruit full results but leads to the delay delivery.

The necessary steps should be taken during the primary analysis of the eHealth application can overcome this burden and helps in smooth go live with the product basis requirement. The management should take-up the necessary analysis team before implementing. The main focus should be the go live and smoothness of the running face as the other sections are ready like building/licenses and others.

The healthcare sector has lots of inbuilt technology nowadays like robotics, which is the most advanced feature. When we talk about Artificial Intelligent, we can get the same ideas for the healthcare as well. For example, the medication logics and treatment plan can be include into AI pattern. This can overcome many burden and healthcare experts within AI domain also gets attached to the same.

The Most Important is the Security, as the Most Primitive
Now, if we talk about eHealth, e-Healthcare would cover online medical consultation, online medical records, online medicine supply, PAN-India exchange for patient information, and others as per the Indian government new memorandum, National Health Portal(NHP) provides information to citizens and stakeholders in different languages (currently six languages Hindi,English, Tamil,Gujarati, Bengali, and Punjabi). A voice portal, providing information through a toll-free number 1800-180-1104 and Mobile App are also available. Online Registration System(ORS) launched in July 2015 provides services to citizens for taking online registration & appointment, payment of fees, online viewing diagnostic reports, enquiring availability of blood online and others in various public hospitals. As on date, over 100 hospitals are on board.