Zenovel: Offering Affordable, Innovative & High-Quality Contract Research Solutions Globally

Rakesh Sutariya,CEO & MDThe ongoing Covid pandemic has acted as a booster rocket for the global pharmaceutical industry. As the race to develop more effective vaccines rages worldwide, pharma companies across the globe are in limelight all across the world. Assisting them in their very niche functions are the Contract Research Organizations(CROs) in the form of outsourced pharmaceutical research services. CROs assist the pharma & biotech companies in a diverse functions that include drug discovery, commercialization, pharma covigilance, post approval services, and many more. The global pharma outsourcing market was worth $115.7 billion in 2016, of which CROs constituted 49 percent. Recent reports indicate that the Indian contract research market which stood at $1 billion in 2016, is estimated to be worth $1.97 billion by 2023.

Having served hundreds of pharma & biotech companies globally with its GxP and Regulatory services, Ahmedabad based Zenovel is emerging as a leader in Clinical Research, Regulatory Affairs and GMP services. The company follows an ethics driven research methodology to offer innovative & high quality solutions at affordable rates to the pharma industry.

“Our business is largely attributable to the knowledge, skills and commitments to our client. At Zenovel, we hold ourselves accountable to deliver a high value system with integrity. Decoding Zenovel, Zen stands
for following Zen values integrity, wisdom, compassion & generosity, and Novel stands for innovative thought process and constant improvement. We strongly believe in Quality, Commitment and consistency to fulfill the clients’ requirements with our best possible approach.”, explains Rakesh Sutariya, CEO & MD, Zenovel.

Having a presence in five countries and a team of experts with 17+ years of clinical research experience, Zenovel envisions bringing safe & effective medicines into the market by acting as a one stop solution for all pharma industry needs. Through a vertical integration approach, the company offers services mainly across three areas Independent Audit & Monitoring in Clinical Research(Pre-Clinical, Clinical Trial Monitoring/ Auditing/Training/ PK and Consulting), GMP Audits & Monitoring (Audits of API, Excipients, finished products facilities, GAP/QMS Audits, regulatory inspection support and more) and Regulatory Services (end-to-end regulatory services).

“Ensuring the quality of our services is of utmost importance to us. We believe it is one of the reasons that help us in retaining our clients. With continuous training, vast experience, and understanding of the requirements of our clients, we are able to maintain the quality which our clients expect. We optimize our efforts to focus more on critical aspects of the project. We have adopted the risk based approach in all the aspects of our operations to ensure the best output with minimum effort. We have also been audited for ISO certification and are certified with ISO 9001:2015. Apart from this, all our auditors and monitors are well experienced and qualified with GxP Certifications”, Rakesh adds.

What makes Zenovel stand out from other companies is the advantages it offers to its clients. Keeping ethics, quality & customer satisfaction as paramount, the company offers tailor made service packages to cut down clients’ costs. Adept at all the latest technologies, Zenovel’s staff comply with GCP, GLP & GMP regulations and are well experienced at handling regulatory inspections such as EMA, USFDA, WHO and DCGI.

With suitable SOPs and quality driven systems in place, Zenovel not only handles on-site & remote monitoring of trials globally but also provides clients with monitoring reports and checklists in real time. It is also well known in the industry for developing difficult bioanalytical methods & validations and follows a hands on data integrity concept in all its offers. With such stringent quality measures and methodologies in place, Zenovel has been qualified by many giant pharma companies & MNCs across the globe. “We have crossed Rs. 3.5 crore in revenue growth in just one year, and anticipate achieving the growth of Rs. 10 crores in 2022”, concludes Rakesh.