Zenex International: A Pharmaceutical Distribution Company Providing Specialty Medicines to Hospitals and Other Clinical Centers

V V Mannapur,FounderProviding medical support to society is one of the most significant aspects offered by those organizations that are strong to strategize in the right way as needed. Zenex International is one such pharmaceutical distribution company that plays the role of a vital bridge between reputed companies and super specialty hospitals. It is a fast growing pharmaceutical stockiest, distributor, and retailer that extensively takes care of all corners of Bangalore by serving around 3000 customers, including nursing homes, hospitals, government hospitals, doctors, and patients. “Our vision is to be a leading specialty pharmaceutical distributor in India and to become a significant domestic player by providing high quality, affordable and innovative solutions in pharma distribution,” says V V Mannapur, Founder, Zenex International.

With an objective to uphold the interest of the stakeholders namely customers, associated companies, employees, interested government bodies and other associations, Zenex works as a specialty pharma distributor. The company’s products are specialized in Anti Infective, Anesthesia, Vaccines/Immuno globulins, Cardiology, Narcotics, Schedule-X, Nephrology, Antidotes, Oxytocin, Parenteral Nutrition and Covid Medicines. “We have emergency medicines
like antidotes, anti snake venom, cardiology medicines with urgent delivery offerings. We have to deliver the products as soon as possible when an urgency comes,” V V Mannapur adds. To achieve this, the company has adopted a special SOP (Standard operations procedure), in which it uses colored paper invoices instead of normal white paper. So that everyone in the office like store department, dispatch department and also the delivery boy will understand and give preference to these deliveries. Deliveries are however done without any miscommunication and within the committed time. Offering the fastest services to its customers and stakeholders the company stands as one of the best medical supports across Bangalore irrespective of offering to a particular area or locality.

We use the latest technology like web order and app ordering system that works on a real time basis

“We use the latest technology like web order and app ordering system that works on a real time basis. The retailers can view orders and check the availability of the products. They can see the outstanding details through the same platforms,” V V Mannapur confirms. Zenex however strictly follows the guidelines of the drug control department and other quality guidelines and believes in social responsibility more than the certifications. For many pharma retailers, it is difficult to remember in keeping the stocks and sell that automatically results in an increased prescription bounce rate. Zenex is working on finding a solution so that the retailers can get all molecule medicines on a single platform. The product search through this platform will be based on molecules but not on brands.“We are continuously carrying out research and development works to launch the platform soon with the many such solutions,” V V Mannapur explains.

Established in 2002, the company is now situated in Bengaluru. It has installed the best cold chain equipment like freezers, walk in refrigerators with a temperature monitoring system to manage to store all kinds of medicines and products. Armed with the best storage facilities and maintaining rigorous quality standards, Zenex has managed to earn a good turnover last year by selling three brands of Remdesivir and Amphotericin B. “We recently changed our two wheelers to electric vehicles to save the fuel cost. These vehicles are environmentally friendly with no noise and pollution to keep the environment healthy and pollution free,” V V Mannapur concludes.