Wellzee: Nurturing the Nutrition Needs with Holistic Health Solutions

Gaurang Chandarana, CEO'Svastha'- the Sanskrit word for health connotes one who is centered in self, in the natural state. This implies that everyone who has endured the first few years of life is fated to be healthy as the human body is capable of knowing and healing itself. Then, why a majority of people lives in a state of enfeeblement? Because most fail to listen to their body signals due to weak determination and face the music of their bad choices. Reverting to this status quo is Wellzee, one of the world’s first holistic digital health portals delivering online health solutions through well researched & tested proprietary content. “Nutrition alone won’t bring any improvement in health. It is an amalgamation of nutrition, yoga, and stress management that brings a change,” enlightens Gaurang Chandarana, CEO, Wellzee.

Healthy Life a Click Away
Glued to its holistic natural solutions, Well zee is not concerned about less money or fewer clients as it lays importance on the long-term health & quality of life. It follows an integrated approach in a standardized-customized way and
prefers a digital delivery medium apprehending everyone’s stretch of time and resources. Wellzee prides itself in offering solutions based on the best of ancient Indian learning as old as 10,000 years in diet management and ensures that the learning is presented in a manner which is conducive to the millennial population. A ‘do what you can, when you can’ outlook further helps the company to devise a non-rigid yet result oriented strategy unlike other ‘short-cut’ medical professionals and clinics who promise results in two to three months through intense medication, laxatives, appetite suppressants, and so on, thereby damaging liver and kidneys. It has done research at a global level to map requirements and deploys an algorithm-driven proprietary questionnaire for procuring information by the nutrition expert as part of its customized plans.

It follows an integrated approach in a standardized-customized way and prefers a digital delivery medium apprehending everyone’s stretch of time and resources

A nutrition plan based on age and gender helps Wellzee in focusing on food choices that deliver scrumptious food from across the world without hindering the healthy life of its clients. Genuinely believing that both vegetarian and non-vegetarian are healthy, it gives
full freedom to the clients to select cuisines in every plan - Indian, western, Chinese, and so forth. Besides, the portal also takes care of aspects like the specific requirements for girls and women based on menstruation and menopause, and Jain diet plans for Jain clients. Moreover, Wellzee prescribes only balanced and wholesome nutrition that is free from side effects and never recommends fad diets, which helped it maintain a record of 10000 happy & satisfied customers.

Debuted in 2012 under the aegis of Gaurang, a nutrition expert who personally counseled and trained 4000 plus individuals and a writer with a readership of 15 (now 35 lakh) people, this expert takes up the responsibility of disseminating information, trends, and technology through the portal. Moving away from email-based communication, the company is focusing on platforms like Whatsapp and Slack and also working on a mobile model. A bootstrapped company so far, Wellzee is readying to get into fundraising and has a lot more plans in its kitty such as launching its new portal, one of the world’s first Yoga accreditation agencies at a Global level approved by the government of India and authorized to certify teachers, experts, and trainers on its behalf. “We are set to become an educational platform for experts through AI-based content delivery in the coming six months and also intend to take forward Yoga & Alternative health at a global level,” concludes Gaurang.