Vidmed: A Telehealth Platform Enabling Affordable and Accessible Consultations for Patients

Dr. Praveen Vadlamudi, FounderAs per the Union Health Ministry of India, 50 percent people buy medicines without prescriptions from Pharmacies that put their lives in grave danger. The presence of a doctor during such times can help patients and pharmacies take right medication while adhering to the government compliance. Dearth of such a facility inspired Dr. Praveen Vadlamudi to establish Vidmed in 2016, a Telehealth enterprise that is fusing technology and pharmacies to ease the communication between the doctor, the consumer and the pharmacist. “Through Vidmed, we are legally enabling consumers to consult a doctor virtually, which is both accessible and affordable to everyone and receive medicines through pharmacists with a valid prescription via mail and SMS,” explains Praveen.

Not Your Next Door Pharmacy
The pre existing online and offline Telehealth models are either cumber some or require the possession of a smartphone and basic app knowledge. The team at Vidmed understands the limitations
posed by such expectations for the average Indian customer and thus presents a convenient option wherein a person can simply visit the pharmacy and cite his/her issues. The pharmacist would then patch him up with the designated doctor through his own smartphone or tab (provided by Vidmed) for a detailed video consultation through Vidmed APP and work alongside the doctor to provide the right medication. No waiting time and no prior appointment with doctor is needed. Vidmed thus provides most economical and instant consultations.

This prescription based virtual model is not only safe but in case of second medical opinions, plays a vital role in diagnosing the patient’s health further

This prescription based virtual model is not only safe but in case of second medical opinions, plays a vital role in diagnosing the patient’s health further. “We do a five to eight-minute video conversation and take all the important points in our medical record. We have a preloaded set of medicines so the doctor can choose the medicines after making a provisional diagnosis,” explains Praveen. Set along Government guidelines, Vidmed has helped pharmacists like Sri SaiRaghavendra achieve a sale hike of almost 50 percent. “Using
Vidmed, the pharmacist is dispensing medicines legally that invariably increases the trust factor and customer flow as well, which in turn increase their revenue,” asserts Praveen.

Built for the Android platform, Vidmed easily fits into the requirement bracket of several pharmacies and smartphone users. In addition to its video feature, Vidmed also provides a Bluetooth enabled thermometer and sphygmomanometer which automatically records the temperature and blood pressure with minimum intervention from the pharmacist. Owing to such innovative approach, Vidmed today is endorsed and promoted by Greater Hyderabad Retail Medical Store Association (this association has 5000 medical shops as members) and is currently focusing on expanding its reach amongst the retail pharmaceutical segment.

Testing the waters, Vidmed services were initially offered free of charge but now cater close to 100 pharmacies in Hyderabad and done around 1500 consultations, gaining revenue of Rs.5 lakh. Thanks to Praveen’s ties with the US healthcare system, the company receive constant updates with proper techniques and standards that continue to refine Vidmed with respect to telehealth consultations. “There are around 900,000 Pharmacies in India which Vidmed will be targeting. We are still in Hyderabad but soon we will be expanding our base to all over India,” concludes Praveen.