Vasundhara Agrawal Diet and Lifestyle Consultant: Personalized Diet Plans Delivered with Personal Care

Vasundhara Agrawal,Consultant Nutritionist & Clinical Dietician

Vasundhara Agrawal

Consultant Nutritionist & Clinical Dietician

The contemporary lifestyle wherein stress is maximum, free time is minimum and personal life is extinct. The adage ‘One who has health, has hope, and one who has hope, has everything’ is more relevant than ever. Failure to maintain work life balance, sedentary life style, unhealthy food habits, insomnia and strain continue leading people to lifestyle diseases.

It is staggering to note that India has the highest number of diabetics in the world, with over 30 million having diagnosed with the disease, and especially in the urban areas, the ‘crude prevalence rate’ (CPR) has reached as high as nine percent. Moreover, over 135 million Indians are obese, around 29.8 percent are hypertensive, and about 25 percent of women suffer from PCOD. Apparently, it is evident that India is genuinely facing a healthcare crisis.

Demolishing Lifestyle Despairs through Diligently Designed Diets
Offsetting this cataclysm, the Bangalore-based clinical nutrition & dietetics firm, ‘Vasundhara Agrawal Diet and Lifestyle Consultant’, has proved to be a ray of hope for these lifestyle victims. Ideated in 2013, the organization delivers a detailed and exact-timed diet tailored as per patients’ everyday schedule, which ultimately helps
them achieve their health & fitness goals efficiently sans the worries of food planning, eating right and staying fit. Her diets have been able to complete eliminate diabetic and other medical conditions, and take people off the medication, which seemed impossible earlier. Hundreds of clients have benefitted from the same, and even well-known doctors have started organically recommending Nutritionist Vasundhara now. The effectiveness of these plans is further enhanced by the fact that it’s not a crash diet and people get to eat what they like. Moreover, the ingredients for these day-wise diet plans are easily available, varied and planned, which makes them easy to follow.

Through weekly follow-ups & WhatsApp connection, Vasundhara personally keeps a check on her patients’ progress, thus playing the role of their mentor & associate in their recovery journey

Individual attention that Vasundhara herself pays to all her patients is the firm’s USP. Through weekly follow-ups & WhatsApp connection, she personally keeps a check on her patients’ progress, thus playing the role of their mentor & associate in their recovery journey. The monthly and quarterly packages that customers opt for are completely optimized based on their weekly progress & feedbacks, which is something unique to the firm. The absence of supplements and inclusion of only healthy items eliminate all possibilities of side effects, and allergies, medications & calorie requirement are noted during consultation itself, which cancels-out events of complications. These are the major aspects that keep the firm ahead of other nutritionists.

Extending Services & Reducing Risks for Corporates
With plans already drawn for extending its services to corporate firms, Vasundhara keeps conducting corporate talks with different firms and has even done a three-month nutrition program with Eli Lilly and Company, an American pharmaceutical company whose products are sold in 125 countries. Addressing the ‘Nutrition Challenge’ there, Vasundhara implemented a unique gamified approach towards helping employees live healthier, without disturbing their daily routine by instilling very small, doable, daily healthy habits (updated weekly) as a part of their lifestyle. Some of its other clients include Goldman Sachs, Allscripts, Accenture, HP and UNO MINDA. Growing at an appreciable rate of 50 percent YoY, the organization aims to reach more individuals and corporate firms in order to relieve them of their lifestyle diseases.