Vaibhav Speech & Hearing Centre: Offering High-Quality Tech-based Hearing Experience to Clients

Asha  G. G,Founder

Asha G. G


How pleasant and magical are the sounds of tinkling of stream, chirping of a bird, water washing away the shores, and drops of rain! It truly makes one feel for those who miss out these experiences. No matter hearing loss is a gradually visible disability; taking it for granted while it advances to a significant stage is harmful. Grasping the important role hearing plays in one’s tendency to lead a happy life, Vaibhav Speech & Hearing strives to improve its client’s lives (with special focuson geriatrics and children) by wielding high quality state-of-the-art hearing technology for those with hearing loss. Besides offering trial offers, its prompt services are provided at concession for economically weaker sections as well.

Invaluable Hearing Services
Ensuring uncompromising quality standards in a homely environment, the clinic offers a fully integrated hearing aid service plan
encompassing initial hearing test, hearing aids fitting and ongoing healthcare support. The initial tests involve audiometry evaluation, a painless noninvasive hearing test to evaluate one’s hearing ability and also used to monitor the hearing before & after surgery. Besides, Vaibhav also does Impedance audiometry test that gives valuable information and pathology of middle ear, auditory nerve and facial nerve. After the tests, the clinic helps the patients to choose the best hearing aids (amidst Body worn hearing aid, Digital, Programmable, analog, invisible, Receiver in canal & IIC) that addresses their hearing loss and fits the lifestyle.

The patients are oriented & counseled about the care, maintenance and know-how of their hearing aids. And they are asked to try the aids in quiet & noisy environment before going home. “When clients report difficulty with their hearing aids, we figure out the underlying problem and reprogram it to enhance their hearing experience,” explains G.G.Asha, Founder, Vaibhav Speech & Hearing Centre. Apart from reprogramming programmable hearing aids, the clinic also performs upgradation of old hearing aids and a commendable after-sales service of hearing aids. Vaibhav is associated with leading international manufacturers who launch new hearing aids with newer chips and latest innovation that deal with sophisticated situations such as discerning
speech in noise, group conversation and noisy work environments. Some hearing aids can be directly streamed from phone via Bluetooth and come with two-four years warranty.If found a case treatable, it is referred to doctor, else hearing aids are fit post thorough trail with different hearing aids. Vaibhav does pre-employment audiological check up, and periodical hearing check up for people who work in industries and patients from different hospitals and clients. The clinic provides in-house training to employees about how to deal & counsel the clients, taking the case history and physical ear check-up.

Genuinely‘hearing’clients’ concerns since 2002 has not only enabled Vaibhav to magnetize clients from all over South India,but has also bestowed it with numerous awards including Outstanding Dealer award from Widex in Malaysia in 2006, Best Dispenser award for Outstanding Performance from Widex in Dubai in 2008, Sarthaka Seva award from Kautilya Vidyalaya, Mysuru in 2011 and Certificate of excellence for extraordinary clinical skill and dedicated services for the people with hearing and speech impairment in India by Institute of Health Sciences (Bhubaneswar) in the conference of International symposium on audiological medicine in 2015. Today, Vaibhav envisions expanding its high quality client care in terms of hearing rehabilitation, techniques and hearing loss prevention.