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    Hearing is one the major five senses and not only does it offer a physical assistance of knowing the sounds surrounding us but also offers the emotional well being that one receives from sounds like the voice of a loved or a beautiful piece of music. The auditory skills of a person are intrinsically linked to his speech ability and lack of either of the two can wreck havoc in the balance between these two aspects and subsequently, the person’s self confidence as well. Thankfully, medical treatment catering to this cause is no more across continents as the Indian audiology sector is undergoing an impressive growth, specifically designed for the indigenous patients at affordable rates. Due to the industries undying contribution, the remote and inaccessible places too are enjoying...

20 Most Promising Audiology Clinics - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Amplyclear Hearing And Speech  Clinic Amplyclear Hearing And Speech Clinic Ashish Mehta, Director Leveraging 15 years of experience and expertise in the field of Hearing Rehabilitation, Hearing Loss Counseling, Hearing Aids, and Speech Therapy through its advanced Hearing & Speech centre
Audi Speech & Hearing Centre Audi Speech & Hearing Centre Paritosh Arora, Founder Leveraging most advanced, highly technical, well Equipped Hearing Assessment & Hearing Aid and15 years of experience to offer a complete hearing and speech solution
Aumni Hearing Services Aumni Hearing Services Manisha Suru, Consultant Audiologist Offering comprehensive & state-of-the-art hearing solutions to people with hearing impairment & speech difficulties, and even born-deaf children
C. C. Saha C. C. Saha Vikram Saha, Director The leading hearing centre in East India with 85-year legacy, providing a complete range of technologically advanced solutions with state-of-the-art facilities
DeciBel Hearing Clinic DeciBel Hearing Clinic Chandan Saha, Chief Audiologist Trained audiologists and hearing consultants of the clinic, with their years of experience are able to carry out proper diagnosis and treat them out of hearing loss and speech problems
Dhwani Deaf Help Centre Dhwani Deaf Help Centre Inderjit Singh, Founder Taking a philanothropic approach towards the widespread ailment of hearing & speech disability and helping out communities at large in availaing affordable medical guidance and treatment for the same
Dr. Prabha Unadkat Clinic Dr. Prabha Unadkat Clinic Dr. Prabha Unadkat, Founder With over 30 years of expertise in the hearing care and clinic practice, Dr Prabha has a fundamental understanding of the problems and needs of hearing care families, offering quality audiology care at every point
Habra Speech And Hearing Centre Habra Speech And Hearing Centre Santosh Kumar, Founder Facilitating patients with hearing aids, offering severa benefits and work to make it easy for them to hear more, hear better and have a pleasant listening experience
HearFon Systems HearFon Systems G.Krishnakumar, Audiologist and Clinic Director A unit of Rajan Speech & Hearing Centre, it is a highly professional and advanced Institute, which helps in timely diagnosis and remedy of every hearing loss and speech disorder
Hearing Care Clinic Hearing Care Clinic Ashutosh Dubey, Audiologist & Speech Pathalogist Harbouring a vision to offer a complete solution for hearing and speech using cutting edge technology, taking audiology services to another level and expansion
Hearsaywell Clinic Hearsaywell Clinic Barkha Gupta, Director A speech and hearing clinic envisioned with the aim of bringing to India the highest standards of speech and Hearing care, governed under the guiding principles of providing services to patients with special care & commitment
Nagpurkar Hearing Services Nagpurkar Hearing Services Gautam Nagpurkar, Director Highly experienced hearing clinic headstrong in enshrining the auditory perceptions of people with comprehensive and customized solutions, advanced technology, and sophisticated equipment
Shaila Vora Clinic Shaila Vora Clinic Shaila P Vora, Director Creating a complete and concrete team approach for hearing treatments where the team develops individual customized therapy plan, and maintain written records for every case for convinience
Shravya Speech And Hearing Center Shravya Speech And Hearing Center Dr.ShivaPrasadBoddupally, Chief Audiologist & Clinical Specialist in Cochlear Implants A Speech & Hearing Center providing professional audiology test, hearing aids and cochlear implant surgery under one roof
Siemens Hearing Aids Siemens Hearing Aids Vijayan Warrior, Chief Audiologist One of the top manufacturers of hearing aids, the organisation caters to hearing care professionals globally, and have built up market-leading positions in many countries
Simran Speech & Hearing Clinic Simran Speech & Hearing Clinic Simran Kaur,Audiologist & Speech Therapist, Navdeep Kanwer, Audiologist Specialized center for treatment of patients with hearing, speech, and language disorders through comprehensive and proficient audiological care from prevention to rehabilitation
Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic Anjan Niyogi, Partner Offering hearing aids post a detailed study on client lifestyle and the degree of difficulty in hearing, using state-of-the-art equipment and professional knowledge
Star Speech And Hearing Clinic Star Speech And Hearing Clinic Manoj Pasupuleti,, Audiologist & Speech Therapist Helping diagnose hearing loss & speech problem through its reliable audiological speech-language evaluation, resulting in successful outcome of the treatments with a service focused treatments
Vaibhav Speech & Hearing Centre Vaibhav Speech & Hearing Centre Asha G. G, Founder Providing best possible hearing aids to clients according to their comfort and lifestyle needs after meticulous cutting-edge tests