Upaya Yoga: Transmuting Beings With Yogic Enlightenment

Alida Maugeri,TeacherYoga is a more than 5000 years old tradition, which is heavily preached in Vedic texts of Patanjali Sutras and is still religiously practiced among the Hindu circles. Today, yoga is performed worldwide, where many identifies these complex poses called asanas only as a practice to gain perfect postures. As these yogic aesthetics had been rolled through many transformations over time it’s gradually losing its authenticity. Upaya Yoga steps forward to preserve these indepth principles of yoga by amassing holistic knowledge of yogic enlightenment. Alida Maugeri, Teacher Upaya Yoga, avers, “We believe in gaining practical and theoretical knowledge over different types of yogic yamas & niyamas to attain complete physiological & spiritual wellbeing”.

Upaya Yoga is formed entirely based on principles of Prem Krishna Ananda and is born from his experience and personal journey into yoga. Following his principles, its Yoga Teacher Training Courses(TTC) and Yoga Retreat are designed in the most effective and organic way to gain indepth knowledge of yoga and understand this multidimensional ancient science. This comprehensive method allows the students to discover new areas of learning through meditation, mantras & by working on physique till the students can slowly and gradually comprehend the principles and learn them during the course.

The Bhagavad Gita states,“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self” with Upaya Yoga(as per literal connotation), the possibilities are limitless. With a chief objective, it provides Teacher Training Courses in building conscious teacher, based on Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha Nidra & Ayurveda. The programs comprise of 100, 200 & 300 hour TTC and are held in Goa, with 100/200 hour TTC in Bali & Italy as well. To discover the philosophy of yoga & introduce a lifestyle with a purpose, it also has arranged gallant sessions like Guest Yoga Retreat and Christmas Holiday Retreat.
Training at Upaya Yoga is quite affordable and its multifaceted classes are conducted by graduates of Yoga Teacher Training Course. Its team of skilled instructors dedicate themselves to bring about spiritual transmutation in the students with yogic divinity, expertise, patience and compassion. During the sessions, one might course through physical and emotional turmoil, so trainers stay with the participants round the clock & throughout the course to accompany them through the process of self discovery.

We believe in gaining practical and theoretical knowledge over different types of yogic yamas & niyamas to attain complete physiological & spiritual wellbeing

After completion of the courses students evolve into confident beings while the acquired skill set allows them to easily practice yogic disciplines in life. It also kept a strong connection with the students through its feedback portal and receives many testimonials on how it has inspired them to open their own yoga studios.

Furnished Yogic Retreats
The breezy shores of Goa with its tropical warmth adds a spiritual bonhomie to its surrounding. To meet the best form of Goa Yoga at Arambol beach, Upaya Yoga houses a bountiful yoga practice space to extenuate the energy flow where its rooftop Yoga Shala is specially built to serve the scope. The sandy beaches the lush of tropical greens often taints the attention of the students during the sessions, yet serves the purpose to quit the busy buzz in their minds and concentrate on the practice.

Upaya Yoga respects its students' privacy and value for the need of silence. It has a residential ashram where it assures a safe-stay for the students with complete dining facility serving Satvik food, all door to door amenities and 24x7 Wi-Fi in the campus. Its premises is exclusively used for teaching and training purposes along with open air common area, libraries, shady gardens facing the ocean, personal relaxation centers and cozy dining area to revive an at home feel.

In this crowded market, creating brand visibility is not an easy feat to perform, while Upaya Yoga within three years has quickly achieved its milestones and gained success in a really short time. Certified by US & UK Yoga Alliance Upaya Yoga School offers structured courses at an organized environment in minimum batches of 30 students every month. Born in 2016, it has certified 600 students. Alida concludes, “We are creating new courses aiming to make them stable solid & interesting for the future clients. Furthermore, we are trying to bring our presence in Europe and other counterparts to spark the minds with in-depth knowledge of yoga”.

An experienced and certified yoga professional, who came to India to discover the true roots of yoga and has attended numerous courses on yoga & meditation before joining Upaya Yoga. She specializes in teaching meditation yoga nidrahatha and yin yoga to empower beings.

Offices: Goa,Bali & Italy
Services: Teacher training courses, 100 hour TTC, 200 hour TTC, 300 hour TTC are held in Goa & 100/200 hour TTC and the Guest Yoga Retre