TeleVital: Bringing Healthcare Services to Patients without the barriers of Time and Distance

Kishore Kumar Rao,  Founder & CEO

Kishore Kumar Rao

Founder & CEO

Despite the various initiatives undertaken by the governments and private organizations, the Indian healthcare ecosystem faces numerous challenges including the elderly population, in accessibility to healthcare in the rural areas and manpower shortage. Telemedicine, one of the fast growing segments of healthcare is reducing the cost for the providers and the patients as well as providing care in the remote areas. It is also increasing accessibility and quality of healthcare in India by providing access to qualified healthcare providers, specialized consultations, timely diagnosis and effective course treatment to the rural population, bringing down the inconsistency in healthcare offerings between the rural and urban areas. Founded by Kishore Kumar Rao in 2003, TeleVital, a leading Telemedicine technology, and solutions provider have an installation base over more than 650 major hospitals and clinics all over India and Africa. TeleVital’s presence in the Indian, American and African markets spans over a period of 15 years and has implemented more than 50 Tele medicine networks throughout the world in partnership with prestigious customers such as
NASA, ISRO, TCIL, Karnataka State Government, and many Universities.

TeleVital offers various services including Telemedicine, e-Learning, and e-Health. “VitalWare" is the proprietary software product of TeleVital. It's an Open architecture software engine that supports the realtime streaming and remote viewing of raw and interpreted Clinical data, Vital signs, and Medical images. Being the organizations’ Flagship product Vitalware supports real time as well as store and forward telemedicine solution that acquire vitals directly from the medical devices such as Vital sign monitor, Stethoscope, Otoscope, and Dermascope that are connected to the patients. This data along with CT/ MRI/X-ray images and lab test results are stored in inbuilt Electronic patient medical records which are hosted in a secure cloud that can be accessed by the specialists who may be located in different regions of the world. E-Health patients can now get healthcare at their doorsteps. They can consult their doctors from the comfort of their rooms, get lab test samples collected, get medicines delivered to their homes, all at the click of a button,” says Kishore Kumar Rao.

TeleVitals’ FDA approved, patented and cloudbased realtime remote vital signs monitoring solution was used by NASA to provide first ever remote anesthesia monitoring solution over the Internet in Ecuador where a life was saved. TeleVital has always focused on providing the latest and greatest state of the art technology and has developed a wide range of products and solutions based on the market feedback and
requirements while it has also developed various commercial models such as one time licensing, SAAS, PPP, patient centric and many more. “The company provides appropriate online and offline training to the end users on operation and maintenance of the software, hardware, and medical devices and also provide online support for any further clarifications and queries. We have a dedicated team of quality and process experts who continuously interface with the Government and compliance agencies to ensure that privacy and confidentiality are fully ensured on our systems and services and compliance are fully met. TeleVital's core team is with the organization for more than 15 years and is highly skilled in the latest software development stack, user experiences, and quality assurances,”added Kishore Kumar Rao.

TeleVital is investing lots of resources, time and money in providing Clinical decision support systems(CDSS) to healthcare service providers while working on AI and machine learning and intelligent medical devices to provide advanced solutions to large scale telemedicine and to support and enhance patient investigations in rural areas.

The company is also heavily investing in the cloudbased eHealth initiative in order to empower private doctors to provide online consultations while their patients get the top quality remote consultations without the barriers of time and distance that could not only reduce the cost significantly but also could potentially save the lives.