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  • 10 Most Promising Telemedicine Service Providers - 2019

    Rapid digitalization in India is proving to be beneficial in every industry including healthcare. With 68 percent of the India population staying in rural areas, a few years ago it was difficult to provide healthcare services to the people in such remote parts of the country. Introduction of telemedicine has helped in revolutionizing healthcare delivery throughout the country. With telemedicine, e-clinics, m-health, a significant percentage of such population is receiving premium doctors’ suggestions virtually through an electronic medium. Telemedicine has helped in providing access to qualified healthcare service providers, medical consultants, early diagnosis of a disease, assistance during the medical treatment to the underprivileged population. Today’s patients want to...

10 Most Promising Telemedicine Service Providers - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Chowgule Mediconsult Chowgule Mediconsult Prof. (Dr.) Rohini V Chowgule, Chairperson Improving healthcare delivery by enhancing access to healthcare information with the aid of state-of-the-art technology for better healthmanagement with cost effective means.
Cloudphysician Healthcare Cloudphysician Healthcare Dr. Dileep Raman & Dr. Dhruv Joshi, Co-Founders Blending modern technology with quality healthcare and seamlessly brings it to hospital ICUs in a cost efficient manner.
Healthkon Healthkon Pranay Garg, Founder Ensuring accesible healthcare delivery to the under served communities across the developing world.
Quest Teleradiology Solutions Quest Teleradiology Solutions Dr. Karthik Gopal, Medical Director Quest Teleradiology Solutions is a Bangalore based company that provides complete radiology services extending from diagnostic business development to Tele reporting.
RankTech RankTech Anil P. Kastuar, Managing Director Pioneering the call management and face to face visual interface technology in telemedicine, turning heads and winning accolades along the way.
Rijuven India Rijuven India Dr. Raj Kapoor, President, Arun Kant, COO Making healthcare delivery convenient, while motivating the underserved populace to take up a healthier lifestyle.
Strauss Strauss Dr Aakash Doshi, Director A process driven, independent Healthcare IT consulting firm passionate about digital health.
TeleVital TeleVital Kishore Kumar Rao, Founder & CEO Connecting super specialty hospitals to smaller hospitals, clinics, and ambulances thus saving lives and making healthcare ubiquitous.
Welcare Health Systems Welcare Health Systems Dr. Tamilarasan Senthil, Founder & CEO Welcare sets up eye screening services within existing health centers making them accessible to patients at high-risk for eye diseases.