Techinvention Lifecare: Making Essential Vaccines & Biopharmaceuticals Affordable, Acceptable & Accessible

Syed S Ahmed,  Director & CEO

Syed S Ahmed, Director & CEO

Saudi Arabia, one of the most prosperous nations in the Middle East largely depends on exports from the US and Europe for public vaccination making it a rather expensive affair. When the Kingdom’s public immunization programme for Hepatitis A was hit by a shortage of supply due to high costs, the country’s lead supplier enlisted the help of Techinvention, a provider and implementer of innovative strategies to propagate health equity across the globe. "In our world, there is a constant struggle when it comes to getting access to good health. At Techinvention, we help affordable essential vaccines & biopharmaceuticals get access to the developing world. In line with this, some of our successful projects involved setting up of the first indigenous vaccine manufacturing facility in Central America as well as enabling the first successful development of a contemporary recombinant Hepatitis B vaccine in Turkey," affirms Syed S Ahmed, Director & CEO, Techinvention Lifecare. With an incisive strategy & humongous efforts, the India based firm oversaw the first successful import and deployment of the vaccine from Asia into Saudi Arabia that ensured continuation of the Paediatric immunization Program. Having charted several other success stories all across the developing world, Techinvention is committed towards capacity building for development & manufacture of essential & innovative biotech products from concept to commercialization and beyond.

Firmly believing that ‘novel prophylactics & therapeutics should not be the privilege of only the affording few’, Techinvention has chosen to focus its expertise on making essential vaccines and biopharmaceuticals Acceptable,
Affordable and Accessible to the developing world. “The biotech domain that we focus on encompasses vaccines for human and veterinary use,biosimilars (recombinant), immunoglobulins and plasma/blood products among others,” explains Syed. Founded in 2016, the young organization has already achieved various significant global projects along with several financial and socio-economic milestones.

"Techinvention often undertakes a project by conducting a comprehensive project feasibility study, which renders a 360 degree project perspective encompassing potential, portfolio, ROI and others"

360 Degree Proposition
Techinvention often undertakes a project by conducting a comprehensive project feasibility study, which renders a 360 degree project perspective encompassing potential, portfolio, ROI and others. The study thus enables clients to take ‘Go-No Go’ decisions and supports them in securing funding wherever required. When a project is green lighted, Techinvention comes on board with its project management services that are offered on the facility design and commissioning followed by support in setting up a quality management system and tech transfers when the facility gets operational. In case of brown field projects, the initiation point is a gap analysis study post the feasibility study followed by project management, tech transfer and QMS services.

The highly experienced team at play extensively studies the biotech domain dynamics and thus appraises customers about the possible impact of shifts/drifts in trends. Undertaking a proactive
approach to prepare for every scenario, the Techinvention team formulates strategic plans that either become the best fit to leverage a positive impact or are braced for possible adverse impact.

Creating a Global Impact
Every project or initiative undertaken by Techinvention is customized to the specific requirements of the country and region, which encompasses creating a strategic product portfolio, capacities, choice of the most appropriate manufacturer/tech provider for the specific requirements and best fit business model. Keeping up with 100 percent compliance to regulatory guidelines of respective countries where the projects or initiatives have been undertaken, the firm has created a benchmark in up keeping quality.

Armed with an exhaustive global network of strategic partners across 40 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, Techinvention possesses market access to manufacturers of vaccines and novel biotech products. “We have a tiered pricing structure, which cascades down from high-income countries to middle and finally low-income countries,” says Syed.

In order to accelerate the development of novel and much needed combination vaccines for the developing world, the committed organization has set up a framework in conjunction with several leading global companies to achieve the same. With its heart and mind in the right place, the firm is contributing towards moving the needle and the conversation towards greater health equity.