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    Over the past few years, the might of biotechnology has inspired and triggered a lot of scientists and researchers to plunge into entrepreneurship. Anu Acharya is one such biotech buff who has established two startups so far in view of bringing the Western biotechnology across the Indian populace. Vivek Wadhwa is another example who has invested volumes in his Indian medical-diagnostics firm. These scientists cum entrepreneurs are indeed the biggest driving factors behind the growth and innovation of Indian biotechnology realm. No wonder, the biotechnology industry is forecasted to reach $100 billion by 2025. Biotechnology has been impacting the lives of millions of Indians since 1960. Right from driving Green Revolution & White Revolution to getting its own Department of...

10 Most Promising Biotechnology Companies - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Agri Life Agri Life Dr. Venkatesh Devanur, Managing Director A research based agri-biotech manufacturing enterprise focused on bio solutions for crops and soils, Agri Life manufactures, BioPesticides, BioFertilizers, BioStimulants and other Agri inputs
Ajay Biotech Ajay Biotech Sujit Jain , Managing Director Offering agricultural products in plant protection, plant nutrition and plant growth promoter categories for chemical free farming, that helps in increasing the farm-yield and reduce the input-cost
Algallio Biotech Algallio Biotech Dr. Sanjiv Kumar Mishra, CEO Offering alage derived byproducts and extracted products for the wellness of people in the form of nutraceuticals products, cosmeceutical products, health drink, protein health supplement with proper taste of natural original flavor and many more
Future Biotech Future Biotech Manjunath R, Founder & CEO, Chandrashekharaiah Karimani, Co-Founder A manufacturer and marketer of a host of agricultural inputs such as biofertlizers, biocontrol agents, micro nutrients and growth promoters
Microbax Microbax Vikas Rajurkar, Managing Director A leading manufacturer of probiotics doing research and contract manufacturing of probiotic, prebiotic, metabolites and other microorganisms that conforms to all international standards for human healthcare, animal healthcare and agriculture
Prathibha Biotech Prathibha Biotech E. Rajasekhar Reddy, CEO Offering a vast portfolio of agri-biotech products including bio pesticides, bio fungicide, granulated bio fertilizers, and others with an aim to improve and assist the farming community to protect their crops and provide rich yielding harvests
Techinvention Lifecare Techinvention Lifecare Syed S Ahmed, Director & CEO An enabler of capacity building for development & manufacture of essential and innovative biotech products from concept to commercialization & beyond
Tierra Seed Science Tierra Seed Science Suresh Atluri, Founder & MD A next generation agriculture technology company developing innovative seeds stacked with proprietary traits (non-genetically modified) that apart from providing significant yield and cost advantage to farmers, has very high impact on environment
 Yashraj Biotechnology Yashraj Biotechnology Arvind K. Bhanushali, Chairman Global supplier to world’s IVD companies and leading bulk distributors & resellers for antigens & antibodies