Techindia Infoway: Setting New Benchmarks In Remote Diagnostics & Patient Monitoring Through Futuristic Technologies

R. Sathya Kumar, Founder & CEO

R. Sathya Kumar

Founder & CEO

The global healthcare realm is undergoing a paradigm shift. As a result, an entire stack of modern day challenges has surfaced from complying with the regulations instituted by the governments across the world to increasing costs of healthcare delivery, dire need for personalized healthcare, and delivering the highest possible quality of care at the lowest possible cost. Alongside ‘data’ is engendering a new revolution in the segment and leveraging its enormous possibilities towards proactive healthcare is almost inevitable for any healthcare provider in terms of remaining competitive in the global market. Topping it off is the heavy technology investments and staffing required in continuous critical & chronic patients care and monitoring, where there is no room for half measures. Offering a bespoke solution to all such challenges in a contemporary way is Techindia Infoway Pvt. Ltd. an Indian healthcare tech company catering to healthcare providers the world over. It delivers world class bespoke solutions including excellent remote cardiac diagnostics, arrhythmia interpretation reporting solutions, and enterprise healthcare management solutions that bridge the gap between healthcare providers and information technology.

Better Healthcare, Powered by Data & AI
Powered by the combination of data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and in turn automation, the 2002 born company sets new benchmarks in remote healthcare diagnostics and patient monitoring solutions focused on critical & chronic care. “We operate in a niche, where there is no room for anything other than 100 percent accuracy and precision in healthcare delivery. To ensure this, it takes an enormous amount of knowledge, subject matter experts, and most importantly, a robust backend infrastructure. We provide this strong supporting structure in a highly customized manner to our clients and thus enable them to work more efficiently and collaboratively to deliver better health,” asserts R. Sathya Kumar, Founder & CEO, Techindia Infoway.

Let’s take the example of Techindia’s Cardiac Rhythm Interpretation Services. While accuracy and supervision are the most important aspects of heart monitoring, the company’s centralized 24x7x365 arrhythmia monitoring center offers realtime and near realtime precision analysis, reporting and accurate diagnostics of digital ECG rhythm. Banking on a strong data analytics engine the QC team audits the clinically actionable ECG report data in accordance with all current Cardiac safety guidelines, compliant with evolving global regulations and guideline requirements for ECG reads. It manages all data processing & reports delivery through offshore, near shore & on site models. However, humanoid experience complements
the accuracy. Techindia’s ECG Reporting division comprises of board certified cardiographic technicians (CCI-CCT,USA), project managers, MD cardiologist, consultants, data managers and bio statisticians with extensive experience in the monitoring, collection review, reporting and necessary skills to support and defend study results. This helps the company to provide world class, actionable data to the physicians.

We operate in a niche, where there is no room for anything other than 100 percent accuracy and precision in healthcare delivery

With the same precision and expertise Techindia leverages data analytics and artificial intelligence to automate the delivery and offer services including Sleep Study Reporting, Revenue Cycle Management e-ICU Monitoring(remote intensive care) and Clinical Trial & Research. “On any given day we monitor close to 2500 cardiac patients alone, which means we review close to 3.5 billion heart beats per day” divulges Sathya.

Engendering the Next Revolution
After close to two decades and several revolutions in the segment, Techindia continues to add value to the major players in the industry. Most of its clients are listed entities and Fortune500 companies across Australia, Japan, Singapore (newly explored market) France, UK, Sweden, North America(one of its biggest markets), Canada, and South America, among others. This 100 percent export oriented company is yet to begin offering its services in India. Although, its sister concern Qualcare Health Solutions caters to healthcare providers in India. The credit of this huge global success however goes to Techindia’s team, the way the company handpicks its people, trains them & strategically manages the workload in order to provide intact 24x7x365 services without any fatigue. “We have our own training program for new employees that spans six months, which is followed by a test and a certification program. Everyone has to score above 90 percent marks. It’s a one-year program, so that they hit the ground running. In addition even our employees who possess years of experience have to undergo an annual continuous education program,” adjoins Sathya.

In order to drive real, sustainable change in our healthcare system, plans and providers must create improvements at every level. AI can deliver the insights needed to make positive changes across the board. As the industry adopts more personalized medicine and valuebased care, AI is the only solution that can deliver the analytical speed, scalability and accuracy needed to extract valuable intelligence from healthcare data. Leveraging AI is the only realistic way to quickly bring about the cost reductions, quality improvements and efficiency required to improve healthcare around the globe.

Techindia is engaged in building its own AI and ML products that have the potential to be a game changer in the global healthcare industry. “Our endeavor is towards proactive healthcare to the tune of our product, using data and augmented intelligence, predicting that a patient will have a Cryptogenic Stroke(or)Myocardial Infraction(MI) before a couple of hours/days. We would like to democratize this AI platform for everyone to feed in and extract results globally, since more the data fed, more will be the accuracy of predictions,” concludes Sathya. The company plans to launch the product within the next six months. Having grown 20 percent year after year Techindia is expecting to raise it to 30 percent with key customers in the pipeline, in addition to the product launch. Exploring untapped markets like India is also on the cards.

Sathya is an accomplished healthcare service leader and advisor with close to three decades of experience in the automation industry. He operates in the intersection of affordable care, medical technology, AI/ML/NLP/Data science and business profitability.

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