Tattvan E Clinic: Ensuring Access to Advance Medical Opinion for Patients in Small Towns and Cities

Ayush Atul Mishra,  Co-FounderIn India, a vehicular accident is reported every two minutes and a death every eight minutes, thus making the country account for one fifth of global deaths caused due to road mishap. Out of these deaths, 40 percent of the deaths are due to bleeding out. In most cases, paramedics and ambulance services do not have the right means or skills needed to start the initial treatment before reaching the hospital and victims often succumb to their injuries as they fail to receive medical care within the golden hour. Ayush Mishra, a road accident survivor realized the severe gap between quality healthcare and patients, especially in smaller towns and cities of India. A biotech engineer, and having worked in the healthcare industry and with startups for over 10 years, in 2017, Ayush Mishra established Tattvan E-Clinic with a vision to deliver quality healthcare to every nook and corner of India, enabling millions from smaller towns and cities to enjoy the same quality of life that residents of urban cities do.

In today’s scenario, when people lack quality healthcare infrastructures, e-Clinics are narrowing down the differences by bringing telemedicine, teleconsultation, and m-Health to facilitate healthcare for the ones in remote areas. e-Clinics not just help in early diagnosis and timely treatment of various ailments, but also assists patients in postoperative care. With Tattvan’s first e-Clinic being set up in Bareily in July 2018, and the second one in Kashipur, Ayush Mishra says, “It is the need of quality healthcare in tier II and tier III cities which have encouraged us to establish Tattvan E-Clinic.” Explaining further Ayush shares, “At present, if there is a patient in a small town suffering from cancer or if some one needs a kidney replacement, they have to travel to the nearest big city to get the treatment conducted. The entire process, right from the patient going to big cities like Delhi or Mumbai, consulting the Doctors from hospital A to B, is not just very exhausting but it also requires a lot of money being spent on travel, boarding, food, lodging and more. We at Tattvan E-Clinic understand the void here. With our e-clinic, we not just want to cut down the expenditure but we also want to reduce the hassle of the patients and their loved ones.”

Catering Healthcare to the Under privileged
Today, the concept of telemedicine through e-Clinics has made it
easier to live a healthier life across the country.This is not just allowing patients access to quality healthcare but has also made it possible for doctors practicing in leading hospitals to treat those living in small towns and cities. Tattvan E-Clinic enables doctors to perform OPDs remotely. Patients can directly visit Tattvan where it’s well trained staff helps patients indicate their symptoms to the doctors who may be located hundreds of miles away. “With Tattvan in the town, if a patient is suffering from a brain tumor, cancer or if they need to see a neuro physician, he/she need not jump cities for a medical consultation. We at Tattvan E-Clinic bridge this gap with telemedicine. The patient hands over their medical report which is then examined by some of the most reputed doctors from hospitals like Apollo, Medanta, Fortis, and like wise. Our teams present at the e-Clinics help the patients in taking a decision whether to go for treatment in the same place or to go for advance care treatment for which we help our patients with selecting the doctor, booking a date for counseling or for admission so that the patient does not go through the trouble of waiting in hotels and others. We help them if any documentation process is involved and once the treatment has been conducted, and surgery has been performed, we help the patient achieve follow up consultations in their home town without traveling and suffering,” stresses Ayush.

Patients Can Directly Visit Tattvan E-Clinics Where It's Well Trained Staff Helps Patients Indicate Their Symptoms To The Doctors Who May Be Located Hundreds Of Miles Away

Tattvan E-Clinics covers specialties like Medical Oncology, Nephrology, Oncosurgery, Obs and Gynae, Orthopedics, Pediatrics Orthopedics, Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Neurology and Neurosurgery and many more. Its skilled team of more than 15 medical experts is available fulltime to connect patients with doctors across Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Chennai, and London, and ensure quality consultations through telemedicine technology. “At Tattvan, we conduct a lot of training sessions, where we talk about empathy. We are here to address the pain of a sufferer who is already dealing with disease, plus he has to bear all the expenses, so we train our team to help patients and reduce their misery to as much extent as possible. For example, if a patient is admitted in a hospital, and during early morning rounds when the doctor comes, the patient’s caretaker is not present due to some reason; in that case, we place our 'Tattvan Mitra' in the
hospital who will make sure that even if the patient’s caretaker is n't available, he connects the patients to the doctors in the hospital. So, empathy is our core characteristic trait. We constantly strive to create processes where the outcome is empathy based, thus enhancing the overall experience,” utters Ayush. In terms of data protection, while Tattvan has proper data protection policies, and terms and conditions of use, making sure the patient’s data is logged in and everything is in place, it has also collaborated with a Pune based healthcare IT solution provider which assists with the technology.

Healthcare Made Easy With Tattvan
At Tattvan is a one stop shop for all the queries of patients. By arranging a tele consultation with leading doctors from nearby metros and leading cites, Tattvan helps to-
•Take an informed call for advanced treatment
•Understand how Tattvan Clinic can solve the treatment need at their own city
•Analyze the need for visiting a different city for treatment
•Get guidance for an itinerary with doctor, hospital, costing, travel and stay guidance; in case a medical trip is required
•Save money and time with guided treatment and also get fasttrack access in the hospital they visit

Tattvan Clinics are all about hassle-free consultation that does not just save time and money but also access to the most trusted doctors and hospitals.

With their prompt service and automated patient followups, Tattvan comes as a ray of hope for the ones in tier II and tier III cities. Currently headquartered in Gurugram, Tattvan has its eClinics set up across Bareilly, Pilibhit, Kashipur, Dehradun, Saharanpur, while its first overseas clinic has been set up in Kabul, Afghanistan. Elaborating on the future roadmap of Tattvan, Ayush declares, “In the near future our aim is to set up more than 200 clinics, of which we have plans of putting up over 50 clinics by the end of this year across citieslike Rudrapur, Haldwani, Sahajahanpur, and Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh, along with Bihar, Uttarakhand, and Jharkhand. On the global front, we are looking forward to spreading our wings across Bangladesh, Maldives, Africa, CIS countries in the Middle East, Tajikistan, and Uganda. We also want to pursue teleradiology and tele ICU, which is a rare facility at the moment. There are numerous companies which are offering technology for telemedicine but there are very few companies which are working on providing telemedicine services, especially across the remote areas. Tattvan E-Clinics are not a competition to hospitals in any sense; we are a brick and mortar platform which connects doctors from reputed hospitals to patients in small cities, not just in India but also overseas.”