Swarg Community Care: Assisted Living & Rehabilitation in a Homely Setting under Professional Supervision

Amit Limbachiya,,FounderAccording to a UN report, a significant rise in the aging population of the country is expected with an increase of seven fold of people over-80s by 2050. This increase in life expectancy can be attributed to medical advancement; however, this also means that people spend far more of their lives in sickness. Lack of an appropriate geriatric establishment with bona fide intent and 24x7 medical assistance poses a huge problem as bed-ridden patients are not allowed to enroll in old age homes nor can be admitted in hospitals for a long duration.

An intermediary to both facilities is Swarg Community Care (SCC), a specialized residential rehabilitation / hospice care for the bedridden, terminally ill, & immobile elderly providing skilled medical assistance 24x7 (nursing, physiotherapists, doctors, and psychotherapists) in a homely environment with recreational activities (brain stimulating games, celebration of festivals and others) for social involvement(collaboration with schools, NGOs and various corporate). “The recuperation of an 80-year-old with a fracture involves frequent visits to physio
therapy, regular check-ups with the doctor and nursing staff for dressing the wound, which can be troublesome for the caretaker and the patient from their residence. At Swarg, one can avail all these facilities and more in one place with professional care and comfort for speedy recovery,” expounds Amit Limbachiya, Founder, SCC.

The software utilized to preserve patient’s records and medications maintains confidentiality and prevents in mismanagement of medications during nurse replacements

The innovative establishment offers myriad of services such as hospice and palliative care, short-term admission for occupants who are admitted post trauma till recovery (residential rehabilitation spanning 2-6 months), disability care (long term) and day care for the aged to engage themselves socially. SSC even has a special elderly out-patient physiotherapy service at a nominal price of Rs.50 per session. Based on the health of its occupants, the four storey 70-bed SSC facility is segregated to high care in first floor (patients who require constant observation with physical and medical assistance) ascending upwards to medium care (with psychological disorders or others), low-care (personal care and minimal assistance) and day care. “Segregation of occupants is solely done based on his/her medical and physical requirements
to give appropriate assistance,” explains Amit. This ISO 9000:2008 certified organization has tied up with top hospitals such as Global Sunshine, BAPS Shastriji Maharaj, Sterling and Bhailal Amin to ensure emergency services in time of need.

Efficient Service &Future Roadmap
The software utilized to preserve patient’s records and medications maintains confidentiality and prevents in mis management of medications during nurse replacements. Additionally, supervision from higher authorities help SCC maintain high-standards in essentials such as surprise visit of kitchen for hygiene, cleanliness, laundry, food and waste management. Regular training programs for its employees and updating its services based on the feedback taken at weekly and monthly meetings held with residents and families, enables SCC to provide the best care.

Being socially conscientious, Vivekananda Institute awarded SSC for facilitating job opportunities to thousands of girls from the rural areas by introducing' patient assistance' course in the curriculum.Constantly striving to innovate to provide better services and facilities, SCC is two months away from introducing a remote bedside bell call, adding critical-care and respite age care to its verticals. “In early 2018, we are inaugurating a bigger facility that is wheel chair friendly with more amenities and envision branching out to other major cities in the coming years,” concludes Amit.