• Manjila & Singh Innotech: World-Class Analytical Solutions Sculpted for Indian Doctors
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    Manjila & Singh Innotech: World-Class Analytical Solutions Sculpted for Indian Doctors

    Vis-à-vis the developed western world, in the heavily populated developing nations such as India, Philippines & Vietnam, the ratio between the number of doctors and patients is humungous. As this limits the doctor’s patient visiting time to a bare minimum of five minutes, the documentation of medical history, clinical findings, treatments and future treatment plans becomes a daunting task that is being eschewed by many. It is this clinical negligence that has been the reason behind the sufferings, permanent paralysis or even deaths of several patients nationwide. To illustrate with a simple case, take an elderly person visiting an orthopedician for knee pain in a multi-specialty polyclinic. He might also visit cardiologist &diabeticianon the same day and get medications prescribed...


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