Support Elders: Bestowing Technology-Powered, Customised At-Home Support for the Elderly

Apratim Chattopadhyay,Co-Founder, MD & CEO

Apratim Chattopadhyay

Co-Founder, MD & CEO

Being concerned about their parents’ health, Shonali Burke and her brother (settled in the U.S. & Singapore) tried, in vain, to convince their parents to move in with either one of them. The latter, however, were not ready to leave the comfort of their home and their familiar life in Kolkata. In 2016, when Shonali's mother faced a major health crisis, she had to make an urgent trip from the U.S. to Kolkata. All through the journey, she tried to figure-out a way to provide her parents with the right kind of care & support. On her friend’s recommendation, Shonali connected with Support Elders Private Limited (SEPL). This technology-backed customised eldercare solutions provider took care of all her concerns regarding her parents’ well being. She went back feeling reassured and has not had to revisit her decision till date.
Having lived outside his hometown for more than two decades and being aware of the needs of the elderly living on their own and the concerns of their children, Apratim Chattopadhyay, Co-Founder, MD & CEO, SEPL decided to setup Support Elders to address these issues. “It is so rewarding to see
how we have positively impacted so many lives. Their kind words of appreciation and their belief in us makes us want to do better and better,”explains Chattopadhyay.

"SEPL's Care Management Services is a boon to elders living on their own, as they are able to employ professional services to take care of all their requirements"

Enabling Independent Living for Elders
Medical emergencies are one of the biggest worries for elders living on their own; SEPL addresses this need of the hour through their Medical Emergency Alert Services(MEAS), where in a smart lightweight wristband with an alert button is given to the member.
During a medical emergency, the member has to merely press the alert button. Immediately, the National Alarm Centre (NAC)created by SEPL tracks and identifies the location of the member; the NAC despatches an ambulance, as well as a staff member to that location; and the member is taken to a pre-decided hospital for immediate medical attention.

Recently, SEPL has launched Well@Home, a first-of-its-kind service in India. Herein, a member can regularly measure his/her basic health vitals at home. This data can be monitored by the NAC basis and the thresholds defined by the member’s doctor. If required, SEPL follows the procedure advised by the doctor or initiates the medical emergency service. One of the USPs of this organisation is its team, which comprises primarily of ex-
servicemen who are adept at handling emergency situations and are the very embodiment of dedicated selfless service.

These Member Care Associates take care of the member's right from attending to medical emergency situations to accompanying them for medical appointments or any other out-of-home work.

SEPL’s Care Management Services is a boon to elders living on their own, as they are able to employ professional services to take care of all their requirements - medical, social, homecare and even expense management. SEPL also offers free referrals to healthcare and other service providers. With members’needs being its only concern and priority, they ensure that the best care and quality services are delivered by being unbiased in their recommendations.

In their effort to ensure the mental wellbeing of elders, SEPL has initiated community-based learning through ‘The Silver Circle’. This social platform encourages learning, engagement and self-actualization.

Growing Old with Elders
This 2014-born organisation is creating a sustainable ecosystem that can be leveraged to provide technology-based integrated care and support to elders over a prolonged period of time. Their culture of empathy & care and their constant endeavour to do the best for their members through thoughtful and innovative solutions have made SEPL a trusted name in Kolkata.