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  • 20 Most Promising Elderly Care Service Providers - 2018

    Studies show that the senior citizens occupy close to 104 million of the total population and as per the Help Age India Fund study, this number will reach 173 million. As the age progresses, things are always hanging by a fine thread, treading the delicate borders of health issues and economic stability. With increasingly busy lives, families too are unable to undertake the intrinsic healthcare with adverse economic conditions looming at the horizon. During such times, the health of the elderly takes the beating which often gets difficult to recuperate from. India being a land of traditional joint families and culture, elder care services are often frowned upon, considering them to be akin to homes for the destitute. Things are not the same as before and it is often not a bad decision...

20 Most Promising Elderly Care Service Providers - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
50 Plus Assist 50 Plus Assist Dr. Mrigna Nagraj, Founder Harbouring a deep-rooted compassion, geriatrics expertise and eye for details to help the overall development of the elderly, and simultaneously encouraging them to lead their lives with enthusiasm & dignity
Asha Care Asha Care Dr. M. Ayyappan, Chairman Making sure the conditions always keep elders comfortable, peaceful and safe by ensuring the wellbeing and foster peaceful, safe and healthy environment with numerous amenities and care services
Bolster Eldercare Bolster Eldercare Sujaya Bhowmick, Co-Ordinator Head Providing services from regular checkups and consultation for elders by Doctors to emergency services and special services like Psychological counselling, Physiotherapy at home and many more
Care 24 Care 24 Abhishek Tiwari, Founder Offering professional care from trained caregivers that help elders with love and respect with full-time care and attention
Care Health Nursing Services Care Health Nursing Services Omkar Singh, MDO Demonstrating commitment to quality home care through well-planned program with a team of experienced professionals who are engaged in taking proper care of senior citizens with dedication and kind behavior
Darshan Home Nursing Services Darshan Home Nursing Services Sudershan, Operations Manager Bringing comprehensive healthcare solutions for all ageing needs with services as assisted living, long term medical care, nursing care, diagnostics and mobility improvement and rehabilitation
DPP Elder Care DPP Elder Care Leonard Rozario, Head - Operation & Marketing Proffering allied services like nursing, psychological counseling and other elder related services from sahayaks, physicians and support staff
Elder Care Elder Care Vishwas Tripathi, Mentor Consisting of group of dedicated veterans (Army, Navy, Air Force who recently retired), doctors and social work specialists working to bridge the distance for all the needs of elders with providing care, treatments with the experience they'll receive back home
ElderAid Wellness ElderAid Wellness Santosh Abraham, Co-Founder An at-home end-to-end eldercare service provider who looks after emotional wellness and physical health of elders and helps them to live life fully
First Seniors First Seniors Babindra Gambhir, President Forging strong relationships with aging elders and helping them improve their quality of life by assisting them to be more independent and live life with greater dignity
Mantri House Mantri House Adarsh Narahari, Managing Director Providing seniors with a life of independence and convenience that they deserve, by providing them with the best available senior care with the modern treatment techniques and methods
Medicaldidi Medicaldidi Akshay Sharma, Owner Guaranteeing all the medicinal services needed by the elders are dealt with experienced team by taking care of long haul therapeutic care, nursing consideration, diagnostics and portability change and recovery
Naimisha Naimisha Dr. Vivekanand, Founder & Managing Director Providing holistic & personalized geriatric care for physical and mental wellbeing based on their specific needs & lifestyles, and also educating elders and families on often-neglected psychological care
OrangeCross HomeHealth OrangeCross HomeHealth Ajay Bhanja, CEO Providing specialized home healthcare services with a human touch to patients in the comforts of a home environment through trained & professional caregivers
Papaya Care Papaya Care Sumi Patel, Founder Apart from rendering residential and post-operative care facility to independent and dependent elders, the company also nourishes people suffering from Aementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke and neurological or psychological disorders
Samvedna Samvedna Archana Gautam Sharma, Founder & Managing Director Helping elders live happy, active and independent lives, in the comfort of their home and community through interactive caregiving, attention and treatments
Shalby  Homecare Shalby Homecare Dr. Vikram I. Shah, Founder Aiming at changing primary home health care services in India by breaking the traditional sentiments and availing expert healthcare services at home for fast and convenient recovery of patients from illness and disabilities
Support Elders Support Elders Apratim Chattopadhyay, Co-Founder, MD & CEO Addressing end-to-end needs of the elderly population through technology-backed, customized solutions that aim at improving their quality of life and promote positive ageing
Tanvi Mallya's Elder Care Services Tanvi Mallya's Elder Care Services Tanvi Mallya, Founder & Neuropsychologist Provider of professional & customized at-home mental healthcare/ intellectual companionship service for the elderly who specializes in working with elders diagnosed with neurodegenerative disease like Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia