Sunshine Fertility & IVF Centre: Offering 360Degree Womens Healthcare from Conception to Delivery Under One Roof

Amiti Agrawal,Medical Director

Amiti Agrawal

Medical Director

The incidence of infertility was relatively low in India a few decades ago, which stood barely at 10-15 percent. However, in recent years, infertility has dramatically risen to 25 percent. This means that out of ten couples, about three suffer from infertility. The reasons for such a drastic change are various one of the principal reasons being late marriages. Nowadays, a lot of emphases is laid on educating the female child. As a result, the ladies have become professionals, and they marry late. Due to late marriage, they don't plan a child very soon, and as the age progress, it becomes difficult for ladies to conceive. To add to the woes, the unhealthy modern lifestyle of smoking, drinking, consumption of excessive junk & processed food are also significant contributors to the rise in infertility.

The biggest challenge to patients, however, is the fact that in India, seldom do patients find a fertility enhancing center that offers complete end-to-end services right from helping the patients conceive to delivery and post delivery care. Looking at the absence of a well rounded fertility enhancing clinic & IVF center, Amiti Agrawal, a trained obstetrics & gynecologist and a doctor passionate about the field of reproductive medicine, inaugurated the Sunshine Fertility & IVF Centre in Mumbai after having worked extensively in the field of infertility in the past eight years. Together, with a team of highly
experienced high risk Opticians, Gynecologists, Dermatologists, and Pediatricians, Amiti delivers solutions to all the possible difficulties patients might have while conceiving at the Sunshine Fertility & IVF Centre.

An ICMR recognized center, the Sunshine Fertility & Centre is fully equipped with the latest technology required for various IVF procedures, including a variety of fertility enchasing surgeries. Beyond IVF, the center also has a fully equipped operational the ater for doing all kinds of Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgeries. "We don't just do IVF, we do Laparoscopic work, and once the patient becomes pregnant, we follow up right upto delivery. And we have facilities to conduct delivery at our clinic as well", reveals Amiti, Medical Director, Sunshine Fertility & IVF Centre.

Sunshine Fertility's IVF lab is equipped with all the possible latest advanced procedures like assisted labor, labor hatching, and CGS

Sunshine Fertility's IVF lab is equipped with all the possible latest advanced procedures like assisted labor, labor hatching, and CGS. The lab deals with patients who have done multiple abortions in the past, all the way up to genetic testing.

A Track-record of Potent Success Rate
Being a relatively new fertility enhancing & IVF center didn't stop Sunshine Fertility from getting a lot of recognition all over India. In the previous year, Amiti's center received the Governor's Award for being excellent in IVS practice. It is because of consistently delivering a healthy success rate of almost 75 percent in the last two years, which is way above the average success rate in IVF procedures. As an ICMR recognized unit, Sunshine Fertility has the permissions to do surrogacy and conduct egg doner programmes as well.

The recognitions & accolades received thus far have motivated Amiti to come up with yet another advanced fertility enhancing center in Santa Cruz, Mumbai, by next year, with the intention of opening up more branches throughout the Indian subcontinent in the foreseeable future.

"In the long turn, we want to setup more branches, and keep doing our great work. In IVF and infertility, there is always new upcoming technology disrupting the segment. We want to keep upgrading and always have the most advanced state-of-the-art technology with us” concludes Amiti..