• Milann: Where Compassion is the First Step Towards Conception
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    Milann: Where Compassion is the First Step Towards Conception

    Fertility segment in India has grown significantly in the last five years. The country sees about 2-2.5 lakh IVF cycles in a year and has the potential to do about 5-6 lakh IVF cycles. Given the population and the infertility rate, it's more about how healthcare providers can reach these people and make IVF treatments accessible and affordable while generating awareness about reproductive health for all. However, an age old taboo still haunts the progressive India. Infertility is considered as a taboo and a social stigma since ages in many parts of the country. People are not comfortable in sharing and talking about their problems openly. Even after undergoing infertility treatment and delivering a healthy baby through IVF procedure, many are not inclined to share their experience with...

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