Suburban Diagnostics: Technologically Advanced Diagnostic Centre Offering Pathology, Radiology, Cardiology & Preventive Healthcare Services

Dr. Sanjay Arora, Managing Director ,Raajesh Nair, Head-Home Healthcare

Dr. Sanjay Arora, Managing Director

Raajesh Nair, Head-Home Healthcare

While medical advancements are gaining momentum like never before, the unorganized structure of diagnostic centres and path labs are frustrating consumers to no end. Rising as an avenger in such a scenario, Mumbai-based Suburban Diagnostics was incepted in 800 sq.ft. space in 1994, competing against increasing number of labs and diagnostic centres in the city. In order to over come this competition, Dr. Sanjay Arora (Managing Director),added home health care service as a part of its assorted offering which started with just five visits in a day. Today, Suburban Diagnostics comprises of 16 comprehensive diagnostic centres, 15 pathology testing labs, 65 collection centres,and close to 100 medical specialists.

Uberizing the conventional pathological practices, Suburban Diagnostics provides its customers the luxury of getting their tests done from the comfort of their homes. Unlike its preceding times, the company is able to engage in more than 400 home visits every day, thanks to its designated call centre (under the headship of Raajesh Nair, Head, Home Health Service) that effectively connects the patients with the highly trained specialists without an ordeal.Skilled
technicians make home visits to the patients for sample collections. The reports are available online, on the portal and can also be emailed or home delivered (should a hard copy be required). Suburban Diagnostics is one of the few home healthcare companies that also undertakes portable X-Ray and ECG services should the need arise.

Suburban Diagnostics wishes to be recognized as a company that pursues precision and care – accurate reports combined with empathetic care for its customers

Experts conduct a broad range of tests essential to basic management of patient care, allowing physicians to detect diseases earlier, make diagnosis, prescribe therapies and monitor patient results. Dr.Sanjay expounds, “To conduct these tests, we have set up the best infrastructure and procured state-of-the-art equipment from leading companies across the globe”. Numerous hospitals lack pathology labs and diagnostic centres, making it inconvenient for the stakeholders to acquire reports immediately. Suburban Diagnostics partners with such medical establishments by either setting up its own lab in the hospital premises or offers reports on the samples sent by them.

Service comes first
Suburban Diagnostics wishes to be recognized as a company that pursues precision and care – accurate reports combined with empathetic care for its customers. Pursuing technical excellence in
service delivery drives commercial success. Suburban Diagnostics prioritizes service which is clearly enunciated through its highly subsidized rates for home sample collection (free for senior citizens). “If the service calls for a second home visit and the cost of the test is over Rs.1000, we solely charge for the first visit” states Sanjay.

Raajesh Nair,Head-Home Healthcare

Clinical and Operational Excellence, Capable Team, Comprehensive Service Menu, Robust Ecosystem and Social Responsibilities are the five pillars of Suburban Diagnostics that empowers it to cater to every client, irrespective of their location or time. The moral values helped built an intricate network of highly trained medical practitioners and loyal customers that make it one of the biggest and well known players in the industry. For instance, affluent companies like Jet Airways and L&T rely on Suburban Diagnostics to carry out their pre employment screening and annual check ups to ensure a healthier workforce.

Technology is an integral part of Suburban Diagnostics and the core team envisions introduction of new assets like a CRM platform. “Our current plan is to expand our customer base and be a Rs.300 crore company by 2020, and eventually engage in proactive healthcare,” signs off Sanjay.