Suburban Diagnostics: A Front-Runner In World-Class Diagnostic Services

Dr. Sanjay Arora, Managing Director,Manish Mishra, COOWe all have heard, seen and learned that ‘Prevention is better than cure’, but how many of us are applying the same concept for our good health & well being? Isn’t it better to prevent disease rather than trying to find cures for diseases after they occur? The reason here is similar to why we change the oil in our vehicle rather than wait to fix a blown engine. With the same purpose and motto to encourage regular proactive healthcare check-ups for every individual, Suburban Diagnostics has etched its name as one of the unique healthcare service providers in the healthcare industry of India.

Established in 1994, Suburban Diagnostics has rapidly emerged as one of the most comprehensive and technologically advanced diagnostic centers in India. The firm follows a simple yet strong mantra ‘don’t do a test only when you fall ill, do a test not to fall ill’, and this is what makes it stand apart in the industry.

Services Beyond Boundaries
Suburban Diagnostics has been the front-runner in worldclass diagnostic services since its inception. The firm is dedicated to leveraging the best technology with the best team to deliver the highest degree of customer experience. The array of services offered by Suburban Diagnostics comprises pathology tests, radiology tests, cardiology tests home visits, preventive health check-ups, corporate wellness programs hospital lab management, a host of value added services and much more.

From basic tests to esoteric tests that deal with highend technology and techniques like molecular biology, molecular cytogenetic, oncology and more, the firm deals with A to Z of the pathological investigation. Catering to the corporate wellness requirements, Suburban Diagnostics offers annual health package preinsurance, preemployment, and corporate health camps to its corporate clients. For Suburban Diagnostics, a home visit is not just a service but a sense of comfort for everyone the doctor, the patient, and the family members. It maintains the highest standards of healthcare practices during every procedure, ensuring the best experience for the patients. Besides, under its hospital lab management segment, the firm has 24x7 hospital based labs set up in leading hospitals.

Ensuring Quality
Suburban Diagnostics’ centres are supported by the latest technology & equipment and have a team of 90+ medical specialists who believe in providing service and experience par excellence to its customers. Currently, they have 150+ centres across the Western & Central region of the country and serve over four million customers. “At Suburban Diagnostics, we aim to inspire people to live healthy by delivering a wow experience based on precision and care,” states Dr. Sanjay Arora, Managing Director, Suburban Diagnostics.
Quality control is an integral part of Suburban Diagnostics wherein the continuous evaluation of processes and techniques are done to detect, reduce and correct deficiencies in the entire analytical process. The firm is accredited by NABL and CAP(College of American Pathologists), which ensures the precision and quality of its services. Suburban Diagnostics has also established two Centres of Excellence in Medical Diagnostics one for women’s health and another for infectious diseases.

We aim to inspire people to live healthy by delivering a wow experience based on precision and care

Strong Values
In today’s competitive world, having a set of specific core values that speak to the public is definitely a competitive advantage. “As we grow as an organization, it has become more and more important to explicitly define the core values from which we develop our culture, our brand, and our business strategies,” states Manish Mishra, COO, Suburban Diagnostics. The eight core values following which the firm thrives in the industry are Genuine care, Enthusiasm, Building great relationships don’t settle innovate and evolve, Display diligence, Attention to detail, Strive towards zero error, and Lead by example. Inculcating these values while maintaining a high level of work satisfaction among the employees, Suburban Diagnostics strives hard to provide the best training to its team of experts. Apart from the subject knowledge, the firm tries to equip people with professionalism and intellectuality. Suburban Diagnostics has established a wholly-owned Paramedical Training Institute SCOPE (Suburban College of Paramedical Education), where people can get the necessary skills and expertise in modern technology.

Manish Mishra, COO
Nowadays, the disease burden is rapidly shifting to a predominantly non-communicable disease burden. Yet common infections continue to challenge the people. Suburban Diagnostics as an organization believes that promoting preventive healthcare is the best way to reduce the burden that disease puts on our health. The firm has crystallized this thought into a full-fledged health initiative called #Unburden YourHealth. Through this campaign, the firm aims to encourage people to become more proactive about their health (physical,mental, emotional). On the other hand, Suburban Diagnostics is also working closely with clinicians to offer early and accurate diagnosis of diseases and help in reducing the overall burden of disease in the country.

Future Roadmap
Going forward, Suburban Diagnostics is focused on its vision of becoming the most admired diagnostic company in the world, providing complete medical facilities for prevention and diagnosis. “We are doing well in our domain, and we want to maintain this work. Yet we aim to grow faster than the industry and expand geographically while taking this company to new heights,”concludes Manish.

Dr. Sanjay Arora, Managing Director
An alumnus of Grant Medical College and with a special training from Henry Ford and Johns Hopkins hospital, he is an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in the healthcare industry. Dr Sanjay possesses great knowledge in Photography, Clinical Research, Strategic Planning, Business Development, and Marketing Strategy. His passion includes cooking music and travelling.

Office:Mumbai (Headquarter)
Manish Mishra, COO
An enterprising professional with over 22 years of experience in Sales & Business Development, P&L Management and related operations, Manish is currently spearheading a team of 600+ professionals and ensuring high engagement in Suburban Diagnostics.