Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic: Providing Affordable & Customized Hearing Aids based on Patient's Lifestyle

Anjan Niyogi, Partner

Anjan Niyogi


Established in 1985 by Late Dr. Tapan Kumar Niyogi and known as one of the oldest clinics in Kolkata, Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic caters the hearing impaired population across eastern India. Later in 2003 after Dr. Tapan’s death, his son Anjan Niyogi handheld the clinic and took it up a notch higher to provide quality and affordable hearing solutions. With eight centers and seven sub-centers in Kolkata, today Sravani addresses patients’ needs by offering excellent diagnostics, expert counseling, fitting service of aids, and rehabilitation facilities for hearing loss using state-of-the-art knowledge and latest equipments.

The clinic conducts various hearing tests (Pure Tone Audiometry, Speech Audiometry, free field Audiometry, BERA, ASSR, OAE & Impedance Audiometry) to detect the degree and type of hearing loss, and the precautions to be taken. While Sravani has several experienced Audiologist holding bachelors and masters degree in audiology, it does not shy away from referring patients to other concerned doctors for any expert advice if required.

The Process
Sravani does a detailed study on
patients’ history, lifestyle, and the
difficulties they face in group conversation, one-to-one conversation, while watching TV, and talking on telephone, post which it frames the scope of treatment. Based on the study, Sravani provides custom-made hearing aids, pocket modeled hearing aids, computerized and non-computerized behind the ear hearing aid, ITC (In the canal), CIC (completely in the canal), and Micro CIC hearing aid, or Receiver in the Canal Hearing Aids(RIC). These aids include latest hearing aids like computer chip (with volume control) and computer-enabled, remote controlled and water resistant aids are also available at the clinic.

Sravani even asks patients to fill a multiple choice feedback form to ensure quality services, and fill the gap, if any, in delivering service

Initially, these hearing aids are offered for a trial period of 3-7 days, post which patients are asked to report their improvement of hearing. If a patient does not realize any change, they fill up a questionnaire about their condition in last 48-72 hours for a better understanding before another Audiometry test is performed to provide new hearing aids. The patients are further recommended to visit the clinic once in three months after the treatment, just to ensure a follow up and fix deviation if any. Sravani even asks patients to fill a multiple choice feedback form to
ensure quality services, and fill the gap, if any, in delivering service.

Tuning up with National Institute of Hearing Handicapped, Sravani follows every guidelines designed by the institution. The clinic deals with various International hearing aids brands like Phonak, Oticon, Siemens, Widex, Alps, Starkey, Audio Service & ENN, and hence comply and even follow the international norms.

More than a Clinic
Various workshops, awareness programs, outdoor camps and promotional activities with organizations such as Indian Medical Promotional Unit (IMPO), Medical Bank, Magan Shankar Foundation, and Seva Social Welfare Trust are conducted by the clinic for social development. Sravani also provides services at Mission Hospital & Eastern Command Hospital and schools like The Oral School for Deaf Children, Icchapur Deaf & Dumb School, and Umeed Asha Kiran (an Air Force School) and has tie ups with Texmaco, Jayshree Textiles and Electro steel. For such incredible services, the clinic has received several awards for Medium and Small-Scale Enterprise, and has been nominated for the India Mart Small Scale Business house for top 50 companies.

Spread across all direction in Kolkata (Shyambazar, Sodepur, Magra, Sreerampur, Dhakuria, Barrack pore, and Dunlop), and witnessing 15 percent growth annually, Sravani aims to be a recognized as a chain of clinics across the country and attain 100 percent customer satisfaction.