SQUATS: Transforming Lives through Systematic Fitness Programs

Jitendra Chouksey (JC), Founder & Director,Sonal Singh, Director
Jitendra Chouksey(JC), Founder& Director

Whether it’s while adding one more Idly to our breakfast-dish in the morning or devouring an oil-dripping samosa in the evening, most of us drift through the thoughts of getting fat and the need for keeping our body fit, at least once before calling it a day. Integrating workout & diet plans into our existing lifestyle is simultaneously a dream and a nightmare. The fragmented information about fitness that we are acquainted with, from both internet as well as 'experts' who go to gym, often throws us into a state of cynicism,eventually driving into the most common conclusion: it’s not our cup of tea!

It’s a fallacy! In truth, fitness is everyone’s cup of tea regardless of anything that makes you think otherwise. The inclination to inculcate the indisputable fact:'everyone can get fit', into people’s mind right off the bat, and successively cultivate sustainable fitness habits in them is something that sets SQUATS apart from the flood of fitness & wellness platforms. We are talking about one of the pioneers of the fitness & wellness industry in India that has transformed over 60,000 lives within a couple of years from its inception through 150+ internationally certified Fitness Consultants, hand-picked from across the country. It’s just the beginning; SQUATS aims to transform the lives of 50 million people in the next few years to come.

The concept, which helped such a large community lose a total of 500+ tonnes of fat in merely 24 months,is embedded right in its name: SQUATS, which stands for Systematic Quantitative Unified Aesthetic Transformation System. Yes, the key lies in its research-driven & scientific approach. “Our goal is to create an entire health & wellness ecosystem to address the challenges people commonly face while on the journey to getting fit. Be it about the right kind of exercise routine or devising a personalized diet, we help them with end-to-end solutions,” asserts Sonal Singh, Director, SQUATS, who gave up her stellar consulting career in London to pursue her passion for wellness and was crowned Ms. Asia Universe in 2016.

One Common Cause - Fitness
It all began from a Facebook group created by Jitendra Chouksey(JC), Founder of SQUATS and an ISSA Sports Nutrition Specialist, way back in 2014. He wanted to share his own personal experience of the right way to achieve results through a scientific approach. He wrote a book called “Get Shredded” and shared it online. Several people had fitness-related queries and wanted additional guidance which were answered by a small group of mentors including JC in addition to the group members – all information was and is free of cost. The group exploded into a massive community with a strength of 460,000+ members today.

“Our community of followers is genuinely committed to fitness, health, and overall well-being. We conduct regular meet-ups across India, wherein the team engages in goodwill activities ranging from cleaning public parks to donating blood, and providing free awareness sessions. These activities are non-profitable and completely community-driven,” adjoins Sonal.

With a mission to educate a larger mass, help them integrate wellness in their existing lifestyle, and thus take the community’s spirit to a larger arena,JC established
SQUATS Fitness Pvt. Ltd. in 2016,which today acts as a boon to over 4.5 lakh people in their fitness journey, including a massive community enrolled under its specially designed Corporate Wellness Programs. It today boasts of a prestigious clientele comprising blue-chip companies like Philips India, Ascendas-Singbridge, Tata Power, AT&T, Reliance Mutual Fund, and Infosys, to name a few.

" Our goal is to create an entire health & wellness ecosystem to address the challenges people commonly face while on the journey to getting fit"

Tailor-Making Corporate Wellness Programs
It’s a great sign that corporate India is now focusing on wellness initiatives for its employees. However, most people within the corporate landscape are still afraid of the words 'diet' and 'fitness', alling prey to the apprehension that it's impossible to integrate them in their existing hectic lifestyle. SQUATS takes its first step forward by breaking this mindset and manifestinghow it is indeed achievable.

Sonal explains,“We start off slowly by first identifying our client’s existing lifestyle & eating patterns(Health & Wellness Assessment),so that we can make small but impactful changes to get them on the right track. For example, we would review what’s available in the office canteen, which helps our mentors to offer the healthiest choices out of available options”. We also ensure that people can start their journey even without access to a gym and therefore include 'at-home' & even 'desk-exercises' for people on-the-go.

The corporate programs are bespoke and suit the specific requirements of each organization. On the other hand, a bunch of innovative programs from SQUATS are already popular amidst the corporate world; the '12-Week Transformation Challenge' being a predominant one among them. Designed around 12 key wellness themes, this program engages employees in an interactive & competitive environment, while focusing on improving overall wellness & fitness levels. SQUATS Wellness Initiative also offers executive seminars aimed at the top leadership of the organization, focusing on mindfulness and insightful leadership.

SQUATS’ wellness programs are supported by cutting edge technology through the SaaS-based platform - WinC, which provides a safe & secure place for employees to engage, alongside accessing an entire wellness ecosystem of mentors, latest research,training videos, and diet tools. It further makes client engagement easy and accessible through a support helpline (FITLINE),open-refund policy, and most importantly, by deploying a robust consultant review mechanism and allowing consultant-switching for clients.

"SQUATS’ wellness programs are supported by cutting edge technology through the SaaS-based platform-WinC"

A Great Year Ahead
Having grown 40 percent year-after-year, SQUATS today is busy expanding its offerings as well as presence across the country and beyond the border.“This will be crucial in achieving our vision of making 50 million people fit;4.5 lakh of which we’ve already achieved in a span of just two years,”adjoins Sonal. Of late, the company has also adapted into the mobile platform with the introduction of a state-of-the-art App(Fittr)with an amazing UI that swiftly went on to become one of the most downloaded & highest rated fitness apps on both iOS and Android platforms. The credit goes to its close to 100 people strong workforce, especially the highly skilled developers who embedded the app with remarkable features like Diet & Calorie calculation tool, training tool, extensive food
database, FitPoints(which can be utilized to enroll under its Fitness programs), and much.

“We take pride in our work culture, which is open, friendly& fun. I have an open-door policy and ensure everyone understands the vision and is committed to the cause of helping people get fit, ”concludes JC. SQUATS is determined to reward the hard-work of its people; the annual retreat in different locations across the world being a perfect example. Having set goals for the next year and sketched the strategies to achieve them, the team is now ready to take their annual vacation in Bali. And why not, when they have a great year ahead!

Sonal Singh, Director

Jitendra Chouksey(JC),Founder& Director
An ISSA Sports Nutrition Specialist, JC graduated as an IT Engineer(2008) and worked for more than 7.5 years in IT companies such as IBM and L&T. Recognized as a fitness icon,JC over the years has transformed thousands of lives in his quest to make a fit, happy and healthy world.

Sonal Singh, Director
Sonal left her career as a Strategy & Operations Management Consultant at Deloitte in London to pursue her passion of wellness in the workplace. She was crowned Ms. Asia Universe & Ms, Universe Beautiful in 2016. Her mission is to enable change in organizations characterized by stress, and extreme pressure to perform.

SQUATS Directors: Jyoti Dabbas, Bala Krishna Reddy & Rohit Chattopadhyay

SQUATS in Spotlight:

•SQUATS: Systematic Quantitative Unified Aesthetic Transformation System
•One of the pioneers of fitness & wellness industry in India
•30-day money back guarantee & consultant-change option
•150+Internationally Certified Consultants
•Transformed over 60,000 lives
•Free Fitness Plans
•Recently launched fitness app Fittr
•Saas-based platform WinC for corporate solutions

The SQUATS consultants are certified by the Institute of Nutrition & Fitness Sciences(INFS)led by Jyoti Dabbas,and go through a rigorous selection process. One of the major criteria for consultant selection is that the consultants must be physically fit themselves before they can guide others.

The Mobile App Fittr is one of the most downloaded and highest rated fitness apps on both iOS and Android. It incorporates features like Diet Tool,Training Tool, Extensive Food Database, Training Videos, Workout Tracker,and Free Nutrition and Training Templates, among others.

Quick Facts:
Offices:Pune (Headquarter),Delhi& Bangalore

Year of Establishment: 2016

Awards & Recognition:

•Best Fitness Company in Pune-2017 by Merit Awards & Market Research
•Best Wellness Service Provider in Maharashtra at the International Healthcare Summit & Awards - 2017
•App of the Week(Fittr)in Oct 2018 by NDTV