SpHear Speech and Hearing Clinic: Audiology with the Essence of Humanity

Neevita Narayan, Director

Neevita Narayan, Director

Good deeds always add to the wisdom of an individual who is trying to break the shackles and bring about a difference. Neevita Narayan is an audiologist herself who has graduated from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi and had already worked with some of the big hospitals before she came up with her
own venture. The aspiration to deliver audiology and speech therapy treatment with a touch of humanity, overseeing the factor of profitability has been her sole motive behind launching SpHear Speech and Hearing Clinic. “The audiology industry in India in private sector is primarily got commercialized and everybody is after promotion of business. Not many cares about the humanitarian ground that is required for the treatment of an individual. This is why I don’t want to be profit driven or business driven. I want to be humanity driven and work driven so that the meaning of healthcare is nowhere lost in the process”, says Neevita Narayan, Director, SpHear Speech and Hearing Clinic.

Obstacles on the Way
Being an industry expert, Neevita has been successful in pointing out the loop holes in the audiology industry and has been able to implement processes with the needed rectifications. The primary problem that was detected by her was that patients are not much aware about audiology as a profession and there is lack of awareness about audiological services. There are not many qualified and good quality audiologists & speech & language therapists in this country and compared to that the work is much more. Therefore it's encroached by other professionals like ENTs and diplomas who are many more in number here in India.

"With time, SpHear experienced profitability and expansion and now has offices in Noida,Patna and Gurgaon with 25 people working"

Further to this, she even points out the misinformation among public about the audiology industry. The knowledge about specifics is absent and on the other hand, treatment is also provided at the wrong places. It has been observed that many ENT practitioners are also providing services in the field of audiology and speech therapy which is not right but also unethical. It is because of this that SpHear involves itself in creating awareness about this industry by the help of online campaigning and helps people know about the what’s what of the industry. “It is all about benefitting the end users”, she says.
Achievements & the Road Ahead
On a very philanthropic note, Neevita has launched I Can Hear Foundation along with Dr.Ameet Kishore that helps poor children receive cochlear implants at a subsidised rate and some times for free. We also have tie ups with many organizations and foundations that are supportive of such endevours. This activity is by all means instrumental in the overall development of the society because a basic cochlear implant for any human being will cost in lakhs of rupees where as Neevita through her foundation & associations is giving out the same service at a much lesser price.

SpHear Speech and Hearing Centre started with only two people and one office in Delhi. With time, it experienced profitability and expansion and now has offices in Noida, Patna and Gurgaon with 25 people working. It is worth mentioning that all the units of SpHear have advanced audiology and speech therapy equipment that are only present in multi-speciality hospitals. Expressing the future of the company, Neevita concludes, “We are focusing more on the CSR activity and want more children to receive cochlear implants at subsidised rates. We are looking at a vertical growth and not a horizontal one. SpHear Expansion also have attachments with Apollo Group of Hospitals--Delhi-NCR for Cochlear Implants. SpHear in Patna has made exclusive name that is unmatched with anyone in North India for Cochlear Implant treatment or in handling any difficult /challenging patients.”