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  • 10 Most Promising Audiology Service Providers - 2019

    The audiology and speech pathology industry of India has undergone drastic change all along the decade. Audiologists and audiology service providers all over India have successfully captured the demand market by collaborating with the most popular hearing aid companies to improve their stocks . The change has made the public more and more aware of what’s what of the industry, which brand of hearings aids is the best and who are the top rated audiologists in the country. A better sense of knowledge and awareness have been created by the popular audiology and speech pathology clinics and now the patients are open to a lot of choices in hearing aids according to their affordability. The best practices in audiology are provided by most of the service providers in...

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Astra Hearing Care Astra Hearing Care Rajarajan Bhaskaran, CEO Dispenses starkey hearing aids to millions of patients across the globe
Aura Aura Iera Kaul Sharma, Founder Comprehensive speech and hearing clinic with modern equipment and high class tailor-made facilities
Ear Science Center Ear Science Center Priya Vikrant Patil, Co-Founder, DR. Vikrant Patil, Co-Founder Generating world class speech and hearing care for people
Hearfon Hearfon Krishnakumar G, CEO & Founder Extends wide range of hearing instruments that sharpen sense of hearing
Hearing Care 360 Hearing Care 360 Sohan S Chouhan, Founder Dispensing efficacious audiology services incorporating latest equipment & technology
Kaanchana Speech And Hearing Clinic Kaanchana Speech And Hearing Clinic Remya Ravi & Uday Raja Kiran,, Co-Founders One of the best audiology and speech pathology clinics in North Karnataka
Priocare Health Services Priocare Health Services Alfiya & Debojit Ray, Co-Founders Aspires to perfect the contours of quality services in health care settings through the approach of Comprehensive Care
Prudent Prudent Rajesh Bansal, Co-Founder Rendering accurate solutions to decipher hearing problems through the far and away the best hearing devices and treatment
SpHear Speech And Hearing Clinic SpHear Speech And Hearing Clinic Neevita Narayan, Director Offers personalized hearing, speech and communication services, in addition to the latest hearing device technology
Stunning Smiles Dental & Hearing Aid Clinic Stunning Smiles Dental & Hearing Aid Clinic Dr.Vesta Enid Lydia, Founder Propounding digital audiogram (Hearing Test), middle ear analysis (Impedance Test) and hearing aid trial with world leading brands of Hearing Aids