Spectrum Physio: Providing Evidence-Based Physiotherapy Treatments

Dr. Dhanajeyan Jayavel, FounderFor many employees today, unhealthy work environments are prevalent. Employees are far more likely to experience a slew of not only mental but also physical health problems like stress depression, anxiety, hypertension and many others. Health conditions occur due to poor lifestyle and sitting posture including back, body & neck pain. If not treated on-time, these may lead to serious & costly injuries in future. In 2018 alone, poor employee healthcare costs have contributed to about almost $530 billion in losses to employers. Corporate Wellness programs indeed are the quintessential of the success story. These wellness programs not only cultivate healthy habits among employee population and improve health outcomes but also boost productivity, optimize human resource investments and increase employee engagement.

Bangalore based Spectrum Physio Centre the largest chain of clinics has been the pioneer in recognizing the need of wellness in corporate environments, pain management, neuro rehabilitation for paralysis, sports injury on filed management and rehabilitation. An organization specialized in physiotherapy services started furnishing wellness programs related to sitting poster & lifestyle to corporates way back in 2006 when there was hardly any physiotherapy center functioning in the city. With a desire to bring changes in the people live, Spectrum Physio not only coaches employees on how to maintain proper body function and overall strength in order to prevent painful and costly injuries in the future but is also coming up with various other innovative corporate wellness programs. Under these wellness programs, employees will be motivated to include quick fit program, inhouse ergonomic consultant by physiotherapist healthy lifestyle mantra like meeting during cycling, walk for at least 20-30 minutes every day and swimming once in a week.

Walking towards Excellence
To initiate corporate wellness programs, the company deploys its own physiotherapists for fulltime. These physio-therapists will be available 8-10 hours in clients’s premises. Presently Spectrum Physio is in touch with few organizations where they will be helping employees to overcome back & neck pain by teaching the correct posture of their workstation equipments(keyboard, chair, table and others) along with their body. The medical experts will also help employees to overcome sport injuries while educating workers about correct & bad posture of their muscles/joints during games which can avoid further examination to a large extend.

Dr. Dhanajeyan Jayavel, Founder, Spectrum Physio says, “Today, at the age of 30-35, people get stroke or paralysis and lying down
in the home with lots of money in the bank. There should be a more aggressive pattern like physically they should keep their body moving by including themselves in sport activities. We desire to create awareness about corporate wellness among employers as well as employees how much physiotherapists can help to an extent. What is needed is to avoid continuous long hours of sitting job in front of the computer/laptop/mobile phone”.

With physiotherapist Dr. Dhanajeyan, who holds specialized training in manual therapy (Spin manual therapy & Kinesiotape), takes complete care of physiotherapy and rehabilitation services along with sport injuries serviced through the team of physiotherapists & dedicated staffs. Dr. Dhanajeyan holds 17+ years of experience in physiotherapy and sports op, and serves as a consultant for various software companies. He is also the general secretary (founder) of Bangalore physiotherapist network and has co-founded Spectrum Racing Team. He has successfully treated 1000+ knee injuries and has even worked as physiotherapist for Tour of Nilgiris bicycle race for six long years.

We operate in a niche, where there is no room for anything other than 100 percent accuracy and precision in healthcare delivery

Services Offered
Equipped with modern physiotherapy & rehabilitation concept, and exercise & electrical modalities, Spectrum Physio offers an array of services including Orthopedic, Cardiopulmonary Neuro Post operative, Geriatric, Cyclist, Sport injury, Pediatric Physiotherapy and joint re¬placement rehabilitation. Pregnancy exercise programme, Inpatient rehabilitation for paralysis, Sports on-field injury management & home Physiotherapy are some of the add-on services offered by Spectrum Physio. Further enhancing patient experience, Spectrum Physio provides out-patient facility (inhouse) and inpatient facility in collaboration with leading hospitals of Bangalore. The center that was established with just one branch today expanded to 12+ branches in Bangalore meeting the growing need of qualified physiotherapy facility.

The center was established with a vision to render ultimate foolproof evidence based and evidence informed physiotherapy & rehabilitation services along with the clinical reasoning in clientcentric western healthcare model in India. To provide evidence-based treatment & eliminate the unwanted cost during the treatment, Spectrum Physio’s doctors understand the patient’s history along with actual reason for pain, perform physical examination and accordingly plan the treatment. These doc¬tors never hesitate to educate or make patient understand about their medical condition. Rather than hospitality, the center is more concerned about quality & standard of care, patient health, cost-effectiveness and time management. All BPL and poor patients are treated under its charity hospital Sindhi.

As an expert in onsite sports injury management the Spectrum Physio acts as physio partners for various cycling & running events organized in Bangalore. A team of highly qualified physiotherapists & doctors leave no stone unturned to serve participates at the event. “We take around 30-40 physiotherapists who check the problem and ensure that participates do not suffer forever and give proper plan of regiments like type of stretches and exercises they can do after the run,” adds Dr. Dhanajeyan. Enriched with such dedicated team & services, Spectrum Physio is looking ahead to expand its footprint PAN India and globally.

Dr. Dhanajeyan Jayavel, Founder
For his contribution to the industry Dr. Dhanajeyan was honored with Best Physiotherapist Award on International Physiocon and Physio Ambassador award by National Conference of Physiotherapy in 2015.

Office: Bangalore
Orthopedic Cardiopulmonary, Neuro, Post operative, Geriatric, Cyclist, Sport injury & Pediatric Physiotherapy, Joint Replacement Rehabilitation, Pregnancy Exercise Programme, Inpatient Rehabilitation for Paralysis, Sports on-field Injury Management and Home Physiotherapy