Smiles Forever: Accredited & Approved Dentistry Made Accessible & Affordable

Dr. Suhas Lele, FounderWith over 5000 dental laboratories and 297 dental institutes, India is one of the largest dental markets in the world. The growing oral healthcare awareness, increasing population opting for cosmetic treatments, and introduction of innovative & comfortable products has ensured a skyrocketing growth rate of 30 percent for the dental industry. Intending to exploit this widespread opportunity, around 15,000 fresh private practices are set up in the country besides mammoth investments from MNCs in establishing their hospital chains to tap into this market.

Nevertheless, patients continued to suffer at such healthcare centers due to one or the other reasons such as inadequate consultation, unskilled staffs, substandard products, outdated technologies, painful procedures, procrastination, multiple appointments, high costs, & awful accessibility. Intrinsically, the renowned & revered Dr. Suhas Lele, who possesses over 38 years of experience in cosmetic & aesthetic dentistry, contrived an idea of an ideal patient centric dental clinic equipped with all ultra-modern machinery & equipments in compliance with latest technologies & industry standards high quality products, and skilled staffs & consultants to extricate the deprived patients. This idea is what took the form of the pioneering one-stop-one-visit cosmetic dentistry we now know as Smiles Forever.

A One-Stop-One-Visit Cosmetic Dentistry
Smiles Forever leverages the expertise & experience of Dr. Suhas, one of the seven American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry(AACD) accredited members in Asia & founder member of Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in India(ACDI), together with latest technological innovations like OPG, CDTC, CAD & CAM and Autoclaving and highly skilled workforce to impart a holistic approach towards treating dental disorders. Its comprehensive & client-oriented treatments include orthodontics treatment, Cad Cam ONE VISIT DENTISTRY, cosmetic dentistry, laser dentistry, pediatric dentistry, digital mock up, tooth colour fillings, root canal treatment prosthesis, dental implants, gum treatment, full mouth rehabilitation & deciduous tooth. Apart from treatments, Smiles proffers certified workshops on Cosmetic Dentistry & Advanced Esthetic Dentistry with hands on training for ardent dentists.

An all-inclusive dentistry, Smiles ensure catering to all patients’ needs under one roof
and in one appointment thus saving their precious time & labour. Futuristic machineries like Intraoral scanner that fashions crowns OPG & CDTC which assures efficient X-ray diagnostics, and marlotherm autoclave for acute sterilizing, enable immediate integrated implants, consequently completing all processes in a single appointment. Besides being brisk, these technologies eliminate misimpression, enable automation, eradicate germs, exterminate pain, and examine bones & gums for diseases; thus empowering a comfort¬able, peaceful & painless experience every time. The fact that patients themselves can see these processes highlights transparency, and creates a sense of satisfaction & faith in the clinic which ultimately leads to client-retention.

Apart from treatments, Smiles proffers certified workshops on Cosmetic Dentistry & Advanced Esthetic Dentistry with hands on training for ardent dentists

Methodic & Precise High Quality Treatment under Expert Guidance
The smiles team is a reliable group of seven dentists & six assistants, all highly skilled & proficient in their respective stream, who work closely under the supervision of Dr. Suhas to deliver methodic & precise therapeutic treatment every time. These dedicated specialists for specific specializations constituting the full faculty of dentistry include Pedodontist pediatric dentist prosthodontist, Endodontist single visit root canal specialist, Periodontist gum care specialist, Orthodontist: braces specialist, Implantologist implant & implant supported prosthesis, Oral radiologist: basic diagnosis & treatment planning with special attention to jaw scans, and denture specialist crown and bridge specialist who are capable of catering to diverse problems of varied patients. Furthermore, interactive staffs make sure to keep patients well informed & always in the loop, while regular follow ups ensure efficient health monitoring.

As a front runner in dental treatments, quality is of paramount importance to Smiles. In order to constantly enhance its services & standardize quality Dr.Suhas & Dr. Aditi Lele his daughter incorporate the latest industrial trends they come across during their foreign visits back home at Smiles to bestow maximum benefits on their patients by letting them feel what dental experiences can be like. A thorough study of patients’ feedback both compliments & glitches, contribute towards further improvement of its services.

An illustrious institution, Smiles Forever envisions taking dental services to a whole new level and serving the society with its full potential, proffering them better services on every visit. With innovation always around at Smiles the team is using ‘invisible braces a set of aligners that moves teeth in an programmed manner while being invisible to people. This innovation is gaining widespread acceptance amongst the patient community as it renders them from the stigma of wearing braces. Finally with a belief that learning never ceases, Dr. Suhas continues as a visiting professor for aesthetic dentistry at Manipal University. He also plans to launch a few of his own dentistry courses at various learning platforms to enable dentists around the globe to serve the patients better.

Dr.Suhas Lele, Founder
A renowned & revered Dentist Dr. Suhas is one of the seven American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry(AACD) accredited members in Asia & the founder member of Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in India (ACDI). He has also been associated with Femina Miss India from 2012 to 2017 as the official smile care expert.

Office: Mumbai
Services: Orthodontics Treatment, Cad Cam: ONE VISIT DENTISTRY, Cosmetic Dentistry, Laser Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry, Digital Mock up, Tooth Colour Fillings, Root Canal Treatment, Prosthesis, Dental Implants, Gum Treatment, Full Mouth Rehabilitation & Deciduous Tooth