Simran Speech & Hearing Clinic: Capacitating Acoustic Accomplishments via Comprehensive Audiological Care

Simran Kaur,Audiologist & Speech Therapist,Navdeep Kanwer, AudiologistAs divulged by the UN agency, over 360 million people, accounting for five percent of the world's populace, endure a debilitating hearing loss. Alarmingly, some other estimates point at the 6.3 percent of Indian inhabitants suffering from hearing and speech impairments engulfing around 50 lakh children. A ray of hope amidst such chaotic circumstances is WHO’s revelation stating that 60 percent of hearing loss cases are preventable through immunization against several diseases, curbing noise pollution, and regulating the use of few medicines. Steering awareness and hitting the reverse gear to suchlike startling situations is Simran Speech & Hearing Clinic (SSHC), a specialized audiology center in Ludhiana for people with disabling hearing, speech, and language disorders. Endowing comprehensive and proficient audiological and speech care, the clinic covers every thing from prevention to rehabilitation for everyone, infants, adults, and the elderly.

Treasuring the Gift of Hearing & Speech
“Our unequalled standard in professional care is targeted at the distinctive necessities of patients visiting us, promising them an enhanced quality of life through betterment in hearing and speech,” elucidates Simran Kaur, Audiologist
& Speech Therapist, SSHC, explaining how her academic excellence (Master’s in Audiology and Speech Pathology), exemplary experience, and unique conduction of speech & hearing test and diagnosis shapes life changes in speech and hearing-impaired. Clarification and verification form a requisite part, taken with caution at the clinic to negate the instances of flawed diagnosis by some healthcare centers that reported dead ears in infants who later were diagnosed with normal hearing by SSHC.

As in the case of hearing disability, we recommend early evaluation and intervention by a qualified speech-language pathologist for effective rehabilitation using technologies

Bequeathing solutions to deteriorating audibility, SSHC exercises a series of technologically-advanced hearing tests including Pure-Tone Audiometry, Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs), Impedance Audiometry, or tympanometry and Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry (BERA). Dismissing discomforts with respect to moving across centers, SSHC provides rehabilitation and diagnosis at the same center, delivering the best-recommended hearing aids and fitting procedure to the patients based on their audiogram reports. The clinic also associates with few hospitals to render neonatal hearing screening and organizes free camps in schools.

Comprehending the interrelation between hearing and speech, SSHC
attends to various speech disorders like misarticulation, stammering/stuttering, delayed speech & language, voice disorder, fluency therapy, neuro speech disorders, and dysarthria /aphasia. “As in the case of hearing disability, we recommend early evaluation and intervention by a qualified speech-language pathologist for effective rehabilitation using technologies like Aided Audiogram and others,” proclaims Navdeep Kanwer, (BASLP (Delhi), & M.Sc. Audiology (AIISH, Karnataka)), Audiologist, SSHC.

With most disorders being targeted by hearing loss, the clinic devises auditory-verbal therapy (AVT) aimed at teaching children to use hearing aids to understand speech and talk, develop self-monitoring, and emphasize the use of residual hearing, among others. The clinic provides intervention for individuals with severe expressive and/or language comprehensive disorders, such as stammering & unclear speech, autistic and neurological disorder,.

Redefining Acoustics & Vocalization
Based on customized needs and affordability of clients, the clinic proffers all types of hearing aids models and employs latest technologies. It also gives free services for programming and additional products like EMOs, batteries, and Huggies for children, outsourced from world-class companies such as Starkey, Phonak, and others. The clinic is steadfast in offering complete patient satisfaction to avoid any further complaints and it is only after hearing aid fitting, satisfaction, and trials that it moves to speech rehabilitation. It renders disability certificates to patients and also serves to bed-ridden patients in emergencies. Currently, SSHC is moving into the cochlear implantation and rehabilitation facilities to accentuate its service base.