Shravya Speech and Hearing Center: Delivering Exceptional Hearing Solution Leveraging Latest Hearing Technologies

Dr.ShivaPrasadBoddupally,Chief Audiologist & Clinical Specialist in Cochlear Implants


Chief Audiologist & Clinical Specialist in Cochlear Implants

Hearing impairment cannot be seen and hence its effects are not visible to others, hence deaf suffers in silence. However, the sooner you can detect, the better the outcomes. Be it a new born or an adult, early intervention of hearing and speech loss can ensure of no communication roadblocks and a better quality of life. Providing the right treatment with right diagnosis at right time, and adhering to the RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India) rule books, Hyderabad-based Shravya Speech and Hearing Center has achieved 100 percent patient satisfaction. Starting with hearing test, diagnostics, hearing aids, to speech therapy and cochlear implant services, the clinic provides all speech and hearing services under one roof conducted by only professional audiologists.

At Shravya, audiology tests such as ABR/BERA (brainstem evoked response audiometry), OAE (Otoacoustic emission), BOA (behavioral observation audiometry) and Immitence Audiometry are done to determine the type and degree of hearing loss suspected in children below five years. Further, tests like Pure-tone audiometry and Immitence audiometry are performed for adults
to detect the hearing impairment. These tests aim to determine the type and degree of hearing impairment. Post the detailed diagnosis, the audiologists at Shravya recommend options of hearing aid or Cochlear Implant surgery or appropriate medical referrals based on the intensity of the loss, test reports from audiogram and their professional experience. This is what has made it stand apart among other hearing care clinics in Hyderabad & Secundarabad. “We give patient ample time to become comfortable with the aids and post surgery, which makes it easier on their part to adjust with the change,” asserts Dr. Shiva Prasad Boddupally, Chief Audiologist, Shravya Speech and Hearing Center.

Shravya recommends different hearing aids from basic to advance and premium level of technology with different wearing options like IIC, ITC, CIC, ITE, and BTE hearing aids

The Helping Hands
Shravya recommends different hearing aids from basic to advance and premium level of technology with different wearing options like IIC (invisible in the canal), ITC (in the canal), CIC (completely in the canal), ITE (in the ear), and BTE (behind the ear) hearing aids. These aids are recommended based patients lifestyle and hearing loss and further programmed accordingly. The clinic also holds expertise in Cochlear Implant services which are
suggested to patients who do not benefit with hearing aids. “My son was diagnosed with hearing impairment when he was 12 months old. Dr. Shiva recommended cochlear implant surgery after hearing aid trail. We underwent cochlear implant surgery at the age of 18 months and attended regular speech therapy. When he was in class 2, he again faced issues with the noise in the environment. Dr. Shiva checked the classroom and advised for the Cochlear Implant surgery for opposite ear, after implantation he is alike any other normal kid. Thanks to Shravya Clinic,” says a happy client.

Believing in patient-friendly services, Shravya keeps no secrets from its patients. Be it treatment process, the outcome of hearing aid, or cochlear implant services, the clinic gives a detailed perspective of the result of treatment before hand. From testing, to providing proper hearing aids to training and fitting of hearing aids, Shravya assists patients till the end to make it user friendly and comfortable to wear.

Being brand agnostic, Shravya deals with various international brands like Sonic, Siemens, Oticon, Phonak, Resound, Starkey and Widex to provide best of the quality hearing aids. For Cochlear Implants, the clinic suggests Cochlear Nucleus which covers 70 percent of the Cochlear Implant Industry. Believing that satisfied patients are the source of its advertisement, the clinic strives hard to reach out to each patient individually and meet their expectations. Currently Shravya is working to reach to the rural corners of the country and help them hear the world out loud!