Shiva Texyarn: Giving a Hygienic & Healthy Sleeping Environment to Babies through Quick Dry

Dr. S.K. Sundararaman,Managing Director
Dr.S.K.Sundararaman, Managing Director

Despite of the few positive points like convenience, easy availability and hassle free use, diapers do have several serious disadvantages and are dignified as non-environment friendly, unsafe products as they are destroying the atmosphere through their discarding. Not only do diapers account for a lot of the trash taking over the nation’s landfills but also pose serious risks to the baby’s health and environment. Coimbatore-based Shiva Texyarn, a multi-disciplinary company involved in manufacturing and retailing of baby products, is leading the way to a new era of non-toxic and healthier environment through Quick Dry, which eases new mothers in taking care of their children bed wetting at very young ages. “Dry sheets are the ideal solution to bed wetting,” avers Dr.S.K.Sundararaman, Managing Director, Shiva Texyarn, who invented the Dry Sheet.
A New Way of Baby Care
Quick Dry is available in the largest range of fabric colors, prints and size variation in the market. Unlike traditional rubber sheet that generates heat, rashes and perspiration in the baby’s body and are non-absorbent, Quick Dry changing mat is breathable, reusable, and washable, protecting against bacteria & allergens, thereby proffering hygienic & healthy sleeping environment without compromising on the baby’s comfort. Additionally, this soft, cozy and smooth changing mat has become ideal option for babies due to zero seepage and its tendency to be reused multiple times and dry fast that not only prevent them from sleeping on wet condition for long time but also reduces their wake-up time in the night.

" Quick Dry changing mat is breathable, reusable, and washable, protecting against bacteria & allergens, thereby proffering hygienic & healthy sleeping environment"

Apart from Quick Dry, Shiva Texyarn’s comprehensive range of baby products including reusable diaper, baby wrap, shoes, carriers, and towel (double-dry) are manufactured in the company’s state-of-the-art unit.. The firm upholds warehouses and a network of 10,000 retailers across the
country through a distribution network and has various modern trade formats on-board along with some very well-known online sellers like First cry.

Emphasis on Baby Safety
Since safety is always paramount when it comes to babies, Shiva Texyarn’s products are Saliva and Product Class 1 tested and certified by OEKO Tex STD 100 assuring no bleeding of colors and usage of harmful substance. The design team specifically focuses towards safety & comfort along with aesthetics wherein they use high grade dye and soft fabrics . To further ensure the safety of the product, needle/metal detection is performed before export of any product from the warehouse “We are the only company in India with OEKO-TEX certification for Quick Dry over the last 10 years and our brand has the Industry's trust by putting out more than one million plus sheets in a year,” proclaims Dr. Sundararaman.

The company has been expanding exponentially across retailers, online presence and supply of products overseas (distribution network in Thailand and Dubai),. Last year the turnover in this division was about Rs.48 crore and it currently looks at 50 percent growth in the current FY.