Shantilal Brothers: A Pharmaceutical Visionary With Over 1200 Satisfied Clients

Rohan Sanghvi, Director

Rohan Sanghvi


The Indian pharmaceutical sector has grown tremendously over the past years and in 2017, the growth in the Indian pharmaceutical industry was valued at 33 billion US dollars. According to recent studies, India is the largest provider of generic medicines, globally accounting for 20 percent of global export in terms of volume. With the proper support and encouragement from the government, the domestic pharmaceutical turnover reached 18.12 billion US dollars in 2018 and it is set to grow at the rate of 9.4 per cent year on year. There is also a rapid growth in online purchasing where the endusers conduct their purchases through online portals. This rapid growth is eventually going to benefit the Indian pharmaceutical distribution sector. With the competition in the distributor market getting tighter and tighter, pharmaceutical companies are looking for a distributor that they can trust to achieve the desired sales and growth. Established in 1964 by Shantilal Kothari, Shantilal Brothers is a pharmaceutical distributor with more than half a century of experience in the space and has been constantly achieving impressive results for their clients.

A Step Ahead with Hard Work and Innovation
Recognized as one of the most prominent pharmaceutical distributors in the country, Shantilal Brothers operates from Mumbai which is one of the 5 major pharmaceutical hubs in India and they have been supplying to pharmacies, hospitals, and other institutions in Mumbai. The company’s commitment and professionalism has helped them to be the authorized stockiest for over 22 pharmaceutical companies. The employees of Shantilal Brothers are one of the biggest plus point of the firm, who with their proper training and developmental activities give the company a leading edge over its competitors.

“At Shantilal Brothers, we believe in multitasking, which means our employees are not bound to a single job objective. They are instead trained to perform various other objectives also like a sales executive can perform logistic, backoffice, stock checking and several other activities. This is
very imperative for an industry like ours which involves life saving activities”, says Rohan Sanghvi, Director, Shantilal Brothers. This heavy investment that the company has made on its employees has proved to be vital in the company’s growth.

Shantilal Brothers have witnessed an average of 15 to 20 percent CAGR growth over the past couple of years. The firm also conducts regular surveys that help them identify market trends and customer demands. All this has resulted in Shantilal Brothers developing into one of the major players in the industry with more than 1200 customers with companies like Abbott, Alkem, Aventis, Merind and Himalaya making their clientele list.

The employees of Shantilal Brothers are one of the biggest plus-point of the firm, who with their proper training and developmental activities give the company a leading edge over its competitors

Keeping up with the Latest Trends for Consistent and Stable Growth
Shantilal Brothers started its operations when the Indian market was still dominated by foreign manufacturers. Adoption and implementation of various innovative measures and strategies along with providing custom solutions for their clients has helped the company to not only survive but develop during the past decades. “We are proud to say that we use the latest technology available for our operations, we have several facilities such as barcoding invoices, GPS tracking, cold chain delivery, 24 to 7 server access, and online portal for placing purchase orders and various back-office supports. We have tie-ups with several leading software providers who timely upgrade our operating systems. We have also been audited by SGS for WHO GDP(Good Distribution Practices) Certification and believe that these factors make us unique from other pharmaceutical companies in India. We believe that every client has different and individual requirements and it cannot be treated as a general or relative requirement in the market. Hence we use this individualistic approach to address the requirements of our customers”, says Rohan.

With the changing trends in the market Shantilal Brothers are also aiming to take major strides in order to expand and develop the company. “Growth is definitely the most important objective for us. We are planning to grow both vertically and horizontally. Vertically we will grow by adding more pharmaceutical companies as our principals and horizontally we will grow by venturing into different avenues such as manufacturing, online supply chain and contract services for our Principals. The government has shown keen interest in developing the pharmaceutical sector and the chances for rapid improvements in growth opportunities are imminent”, signs off Rohan.

Believing in the philosophy of greater customer focus, Rohan Sanghvi has constantly strived to give prompt deliveries while working relentlessly towards fulfilling client’s needs at all times. An alumnus of University of Leeds and University of Mumbai, Rohan started his career as an intern at a stocks and share market based firm, however, driven by the augmenting healthcare industry Rohan paved his way into pharmaceutical distribution industry, and since Oct 2015, Shantilal Brothers is thriving under his guidance.

Office Location: Mumbai
USP: Pharmaceutical supply to various Pharmacies, Hospitals and Institutions