Second Nature: Offering the Second Best Way after Nature

Over the last decade, the demand for healthy foods & beverages in India has been fuelled by the increasing incidence of lifestyle-related diseases, economic stability and awareness created through media. With the rising health consciousness, Indian consumers now prefer beverages with no additives over carbonated drinks, which are free from added sugar and artificial flavours and preservatives. With this demand, the fruit juice market in India has witnessed an immense growth, and is expected to clock a CAGR of 17.6 percent between 2017 and 2021, as per a KPMG report. Empowering the industry and catering to the population of India is Second Nature (a brand from Freshtrop Fruits), a Nasik-based top-class juice manufacturing company. With its expertise in manufacturing health drinks with luscious flavours and unique taste, the company offers a number of products, including fruit juices, veggie-juices, nectars and dairy-free nut milk to the consumers of India.

Second to Nature

Incorporated in 1992, Freshtrop today is well known as a leading and consistent supplier of fresh grapes to the leading supermarkets in Europe. Focusing on quality and a systematic & thorough approach to food safety & traceability have been the directing forces for the operations of Freshtrop. Second Nature was incepted in 2018 to bring these values to the domestic market while offering the high standards of quality and food safety to the Indian consumers. “We maintain food safety along with an emphasis on retention of taste, freshness and nutrition of the fruits.
Dipti Motiani,Chief Product Officer

Dipti Motiani

Chief Product Officer

We maintain food safety along with an emphasis on retention of taste, freshness and nutrition of the fruits

We deliver all these by working closely with our farmers using Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and appropriate post-harvest management,” asserts Dipti Motiani, Chief Product Officer. Second Nature’s team of harvesters ensure that the fruit is harvested at the right time and is then shipped to a cold chain facility within hours of harvesting, thereby retaining maximum nutrition and taste while reducing wastage as well as the costs of intermediaries. At the facility, the fruits are immediately put into a temperature-controlled environment to ensure freshness and no nutrition loss.

Where most of the fruits juice manufacturers offer cold-pressed juices which are extracted from fruit and vegetables using hydraulic pressure, Second Nature stands apart with its exceptional cold extraction process.
The process avoids using heat or any form of pasteurisation or concentrates in the products and extracts the pulp gently from the fruits and vegetables along with the natural soluble fibres. Also, this is done in a reduced oxygen environment to minimise oxidation, while vacuum is created to remove the dissolved oxygen to ensure long lasting retention of natural taste, flavour and nutrients. Additionally, the company also uses HPP (High-Pressure Processing) technology, an environment friendly process that maintains the quality of the juice. It respects the ingredients and ensures retention of the original flavour and nutrition of the fruits, veggies and nuts.

Second Nature maintains strict hygiene and food safety controls in its production facility, which is certified to global hygiene & food safety standards of FSSC 22000. The experienced team of food technologists & microbiologists conduct regular checks to ensure the quality standards while the facilities are also regularly audited by independent auditors and global customers.

Second Nature’s taste-filled bottles of goodness range from Rs.80-150 per 250ml bottle and are distributed through supply partners in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore Hyderabad and Delhi. The products are also available at its own portal, Big Basket and Amazon. With an aim to increase the availability of the products while making it as convenient as possible for customers to buy it, Second Nature is strengthening its sales and logistics teams and is looking ahead to grow without compromising on the quality.