• Olena Health: Inspiring Customers to Strive towards Health Goals with a Holistic Approach
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    Olena Health: Inspiring Customers to Strive towards Health Goals with a Holistic Approach

    In spite of the fact that Indians make-up the greatest number of vegan and vegetarian population in the world, ironically, the Indian market (including many nutritionists & doctors) still hasn’t been exposed properly to various alternative protein sources as compared to the western countries. Countless studies have confirmed that plant-based supplements are easily digestible, low in saturated fats and are naturally high in fibre, while also possessing the same 80 percent protein concentrate akin to whey. Proving it is a study, which subjected a group of people to 12 weeks of resistance training on upper limb muscles and chronicled no difference in muscle thickness between vegetable pea proteins & whey-based dietary products.


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