Scintillate RCM Healthcare: Simple AI Solutions for Complex RCM Functions

HARI SHANKAR,Founder, Chief Executive Officer


Founder, Chief Executive Officer

In the multi-specialty medical fields, providing high-quality patient care is a matter of utmost importance. Hospitals today are unable to keep up with the pace at which the healthcare and medical industry is evolving and are incompetent in keeping an accurate track of all the business transactions and patient information.

This is where outsourcing RCM services come in handy for medical professionals to keep tabs on all the administrative work and compliance. As a result, it enables them to focus on the core patient care. Besides enhanced patient care, RCM services give a boost to the financial bottom lines by enhancing revenue growth without compromising on the quality of medical services.

With lots of tedious manual tasks involved, incorporating automation in the RCM domain can prove to be a game-changer. Chennai-based Scintillate RCM Healthcare is a cost-effective RCM Medical Billing company that takes care of all end-to-end RCM
requirements for specialty hospitals and medical professionals based in the US, with a bunch of innovative and simple AI-based tools. At Scintillate, the focus is to automate entire RCM functions, including Patient Calling with a host of in-built AI tools.

The company has multiple automation in place, even automation for Emergency Coding. Scintillate RCM is capable of delivering any Emergency Coding in the range of 6ap requirements. Similarly, from an AI's perspective, scintillate has its in-house peel automation testing tool that creates a peel on its own, `and there are no XP requirements to create a peel manually, which in turn is a value addition for the client. Apart from that, Scintillate RCM also has an AI tool in place that reads the pdfs sent in by the clients and enters the required information of the clients.

With lots of tedious manual tasks involved, incorporating automation in the RCM domain can prove to be a game-changer

There are multiple instances where Scintillate has eased the way health centers operate through its range of RCM automation tools bringing in value addition for its clients. The company operates on a scalable business model that helps clients reduce their operational efficiencies and save costs. Scintillate RCM offers multiple pricing options from a Team Model to a Contingency model. The company also has a Hybrid model where 50 percent of FPA and 50 percent of Consultancy is taken care of.

Striving to Automate All Areas of RCM
Incorporated in 2018 in Austin, Texas, and Chennai ­ Scintillate RCM's leadership team brings in 50 plus years of expertise in the RCM domain. The company's overall vision is to incorporate automation across all the functions of RCM. From a growth perspective CEO, Hari Shankar disclosed the company's plans to expand across multiple states. "We are planning to expand our business to other states in the US, and other states of India as well. For now, we have already stepped into the Florida market. And, from an Indian growth perspective, we are opening up a new branch in Mumbai," ­ concludes Hari Shankar, CEO.