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  • Top 10 Most Promising Healthcare RCM Service Providers - 2021

    Healthcare revenue cycle management is a financial mechanism that tracks patients' information using billing tools. If the number of hospital admissions continues to rise, healthcare providers have begun to focus on sophisticated sales cycle management. These programmes assist with the unification of administrative and therapeutic data, allowing for a more comprehensive view of the patient's name, treatment records, and insurance plan. The availability of updated technologies eliminates human errors, duplication of effort, and frustration when dealing with vast amounts of data. Healthcare data practitioners can programme management tools to automatically search for errors and provide error warnings to help mitigate human error during allegation subjective procedures. In...

Top 10 Most Promising Healthcare RCM Service Providers - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Ascribe Healthcare Solutions Ascribe Healthcare Solutions Jaisheela Padmanabhan B.P.T, CPC, Founder and CEO They are committed to deliver transformational results by applying the expertise in revenue cycle management, with proprietary technologies that will reduce the overall cost while accelerating your cash flow, creating an operational environment that compliant to the healthcare industry regulations.
Baruch Business Solutions, LLC Baruch Business Solutions, LLC Hamsavardhan Mohan, Founder & CEO They are a dedicated billing Services Company that helps medical providers manages and optimizes their revenue. Company understand small and medium sized medical practices needed better practice management tools that would help them achieve both better revenue recovery and deliver better healthcare outcomes for their patients
BluOne India BluOne India Anirudh Chakravartty, Executive Director They are focused on delivering smart and effective business solutions and services that help enterprises overcome their business challenges.
Medavin Healthtech Medavin Healthtech Pravin Chauhan, CEO An India based revenue Cycle Management company offering services for US Based Doctors, Billing companies and Health Insurances. They are a technology driven company, having invested in latest IT equipment to ensure the productivity and Data security.
Scintillate RCM HealthCare Scintillate RCM HealthCare HARI SHANKAR, Founder, Chief Executive Officer The organisation is a cost effective, Revenue Cycle Management Medical Billing company. They are a Scintillate RCM Healthcare utilize operational expertise to bring measured impact to healthcare providers.
ACE PRO India LLP ACE PRO India LLP Jayaram A, Executive Director They are one of the earliest entrants into the field of IT services and have today molded into a dynamic and value-driven organization.
R1 RCM R1 RCM Joseph Flanagan, President & Chief Executive Officer A leading provider of technology-driven solutions that transform the patient experience and financial performance of healthcare providers
Purview Healthcare Purview Healthcare Mihir Mehta, Co-Founder & COO The comprehensive healthcare industry expertise, that have been acquired over a decade, equips us with a holistic understanding of our clients' business requirements as well as the challenges, and with the support of their highly skilled team of professionals, grants them leverage to provide the best end-to-end solutions.
Aarin Healthcare Services LLP Aarin Healthcare Services LLP Imran Omer, Founder & Managing director They provide Business Process Outsourcing solutions to the US-based Medical Billing Companies, their our team of industry experts are motivated to bring process brilliance to the clients by understanding their needs and providing them the best possible custom made solutions keeping the client's business requirements in mind.
QWay Healthcare LLC QWay Healthcare LLC Shehan Wilson, Assistant Vice President & Global Head - Sales & Marketing a global business outsourcing provider with a strong background of Revenue Cycle Management. It carries out services with a clientele based in U.S, U.K and the European Union. Innovation, accuracy and promptness are the major factors driving the growth of the company.