Sano Holistic Nutrition Clinic: Proffering Healthy Lifestyle through Food & Supplements

Divya KP,Founder

Divya KP


Understanding and implementing nutritional knowledge and expertise to all aspects of healthcare is extremely important for a nutritionist/dietitian in order to provide appropriate counseling, guidance and treatment for the betterment of their clients’ health. Choosing health at a bigger picture and correcting dietary patterns for the physical, mental and social well-being of its clients, Sano Holistic Nutrition Clinic offers tailor-made plans to address the nutritional needs of clients. These nutritional plans are customized by its ’s qualified nutritionists post detailed study of clients’ blood chemistry, body composition, medical history, workout schedules and food habits. Hence with time, Sano has emerged as a Lifestyle nutrition expert and helps clients holistically improve their lifestyle, tweaking it for better living.

Offering holistic nutritional services, Sano specializes in renal nutrition (to control diseases relate to kidney), cardiac nutrition (to ensure proper functioning of heart), sport nutrition (helping the budding
athletes to enhance performance and achieve their goals) and kids nutrition (emphasizing on the specific nutritional needs of kids). The clinic also operates on a new dimension called genetic counseling via Nutrigenomics, which is an upcoming field where the genes decide what food to eat. It also conducts a lung capacity test called as Power Breathe test to improve the inhale-exhale mechanism that further improves client’s performance.

Sano has emerged as a Lifestyle nutrition expert and helps clients holistically improve their lifestyle, tweaking it for better living

Whether it is diabetes, heat burn, GERD, Parkinson’s Disease, Cancer, Sleep Apnea, PCOS, Acidity/Gastritis, Head injury, chronic kidney diseases, autism, muscular dystrophy, thyroid, infertility or post operative issues, one can easily find a solution at Sano.Believing that the person is as good and healthy as it eats, Sano alleviates these symptoms with food as its weapon. Its nutritionists help clients’ to detox their body and start their daily activities with full effect, and finally revitalizing & help them progress in a healthy lifestyle. “We believe that whatever lifestyle modification you make, you must be able to do it for the rest of your life. So before starting any change, think
if you can continue it throughout lifetime,” says Divya KP, Founder, Sano Holistic Nutrition Clinic. To do so, Sano doesn’t leave clients post creating a plan; it rather handholds each of them by daily follow-ups via messages/calls. “Sano Holistic Nutrition Clinic has a specific and individualized approach when counseling a client. They work hard to effect change at a deeper level that, most importantly, is sustainable for lifetime health,” says a client.

Sano conducts interesting activities like cooking workshops, quiz sessions and interactive games at schools, corporate and different communities to increase involvement from the audiences. Besides these activities, it also organizes internships and workshops to enhance practical application of knowledge. In order to upgrade with the latest trends, the nutritionists at the clinic are encouraged to do international or national certification every year and follow Today’s Dietician, leading authors in nutrition.

This Chennai-based clinic has made a significant presence on social media, print media & TV programs to spread awareness, and change the perception of fitness professionals on nutritional needs of an individual. Tying up with various sports clubs, cosmopolitan club, and pharmaceutical companies (engaged with these companies in product development), Sano aims to run nutritional departments in hospitals and make its impact on schools through their holistic approach.