Sangopan: Blending Traditional & Modern Practices to Provide Exceptional Pre &Postnatal Services

Tejashree Joshi, CEOWho would have known that a venture which started as an effort to help mothers with post-natal massage will transform into an entity which mothers rely upon for guidance and support in their motherhood journey, in pre and post-natal phase of their motherhood journey.In 2011, Tejashree Joshi took the plunge with her pioneering effort as Sangopan to offer consistent, reliable and high quality professional postnatal massage services to mothers in the comforts of their home.

This Bangalore-based enterprisenow implements the amalgam of well-structured & clinically approved practices & remedies of traditional Ayurvedic therapy along with modern day professionalism to serve the cause of wellness of mother and infant. “Our team has various levels of expertise, with nursemaids who deliver post-natal massage, to nurse supervisors, to doctors who are trained in Homeopathy and Ayurveda. We are guided by a set of very experienced and accomplished doctors who form our board of advisors. We carefully listen to our mothers’ feedback & needs, and act upon it,” asserts Tejashree Joshi, CEO,Sangopan. This speaks of over 2500 mothers (and equal number of infants) who form the community of Sangopan mothers.

Guiding them through the Journey of Motherhood
Mothers who benefit from Sangopan services are part of an online community which is dedicated to guide the mothers on day to day matters related to the health and wellness of mothers and their little ones.Sangopan mothers and healthcare professionals discuss the issues and ask queries to each other to address the difficulties (lack of information & guidance) in their motherhood journey. Mothers who
are part of this community and participate in the discussions are effusive in their praise for Tejashree and Sangopan.

In its mission of wellness for mother and infants, Sangopan is working on developing an ecosystem of partners who are reputed and credible service providers

A message from a mother on the group reads, “My little one has turned one today! I have been part of this group since she was 5 days old. Along with my family& Sangopan, this group has been a strong support in my journey so far, as a new mom, trying to grapple with various phases of motherhood-emotionally and physically.To all new moms, who come in contact with this group – This is your big blessing ever at this most sensitive post- natal phase”.

This is just one of the thousands of such messages from all the mothers who have gained from the strong support that Sangopan has been in their journey of motherhood.

A Rich Bouquet of Services
Sangopan has evolved from their flagship post natal massage services to a comprehensive array of services in pre and post-natal phase.This comprises of postnatal massage and bath by nursemaid to mother-baby, baby massage training for mothers who cannot avail the services for some reason, prenatal yoga for corporate women who are expecting, postnatal yoga, ‘welcome motherhood’ workshops, consultation in alternative medicine (Homoeopathy and Ayurveda) and nanny services.“Our committed circle of advisors, gynecologist and pediatrician give their expert advices and effectively communicate on service planning, and explain the importance of preventive care which leads us to the path of success,” avers Tejashree.

The Road to Success
Women empowerment at every level is a key principle of Sangopan’ s philosophy. It has succeeded in

empowering women from low strata to qualify as a skilled worker and to enable them to have a steady source of financial income and build their own identity. Sangopan invests in training on soft skills, behavior and customer services on a regular basis and has a team which is very committed and dedicated to the company and serving the mothers.

Sangopan is effectively leveraging technology depending upon area of applicability in their services. The management and supervisors stay updated of new technologies, including latest ones like IoT for high risk pregnancy, and engages with clients through online technologies like web and mobile messaging to support them. Renowned for its innovative and focused postnatal services, which made them a category creator, Sangopan has been featured in online portals like Your Story, Newspapers like Udayvani, and various business blogs like Intuit and women entrepreneurs encouraging institutions such as IWIL India.

Always willing to provide its professional services at home and nurture & support mother and baby, Sangopan which started with just one nursemaid in Bangalore has grown to serve over 2500 mothers in last 7 years, growing steadily every year and is a trusted provider of these services in Bangalore and Hyderabad today. In its mission of wellness for mother and infants, Sangopan is working on developing an ecosystem of partners who are reputed and credible service providers like maternity hospitals, ultrasound diagnostic clinics, pharmacy chains, gynecologists, stem cell providers, retailers of mother–baby products & services and pharmaceutical & ayurvedic companies.

As mothers from other cities like Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Delhi and Chandigarh continue to call Sangopan enquiring of their services, Sangopan is actively working on plans to expand its footprint nationally and also overseas through a network of own offices and franchisees. In the challenging world of motherhood, where trusted service providers are rare, Sangopan is the company to watch for with its clear focus and commitment and its unique value proposition.